400-plus fill Sarnia theatre to hear the bad news about wind power

August 1, 2013–More than 400 people gathered at the Imperial Theatre in Sarnia last night to hear a panel of guests discuss the effects of the Green Energy Act on Ontario, and specifically, the damage done by the Ontario government’s rush to expensive, unreliable wind power.
    Organized by We’re Against Industrial Turbines of Plymptom-Wyoming (a WCO member group), the meeting featured wind power activist and former turbine neighbour Barbara Ashbee-Lormand, WCO VP Parker Gallant, University of Guelph economics professor Ross McKitrick, SWEAR’s Dave Hemingway, and Middlesex-Lambton resident Esther Wrightman. Wrightman is being sued by U.S. energy giant NextEra for posting a video of staff removing a tree and Bald Eagle nest, and for repeating on her blogsite the community’s nickname of “NextTerror.”
    Parker Gallant told the crowd what’s really in their electricity bills, and how much Ontario’s rush to renewables–mostly wind–is costing everyone. Nuclear is responsible for 56% of the power we use and costs about 45% of Ontario’s costs, while wind produces just 3% (actually less) and costs 6%. Electricity bills have gone up dramatically, Gallant said, and the trend will continue as more solar and wind come online.
    Economics prof Ross McKitrick told the audience that Ontario’s Green Energy Act has cost 10 times what it would have cost to retrofit Ontario’s coal plants to provide cleaner power.
    Esther Wrightman recounted her legal battle with NextEra; at one point, she was having trouble adjusting the microphone and quipped, “I’m more comfortable with a bullhorn.”
    A story prior to the event appeared in the Sarnia Observer: http://www.theobserver.ca/2013/07/31/liberal-candidate-wants-municipalities-to-have-green-energy-veto

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