Happy Canada Day: a day to think about Ontario

It is on this day, when Canadians celebrate the history of Confederation and what it means to be Canadian—living in a country where diversity is celebrated, where the rights of the individual are protected, and communities are strong—that we most feel the loss of what was Ontario.

Over the last ten years, and particularly since 2009 with the passing of the Green Energy Act, Ontario’s rural and small-town communities have seen the loss of democracy, and a wholesale selling out of their rights and quality of life as the government literally handed over the province to corporate wind power developers and other vested interests.

Today, we see the disastrous economic effects of the government policies, the warning signs of the effects on the natural environment, and a change in the life of these small communities for everyone. People have been made ill, government policies driven by corporate interests, and the future of a once great province compromised.

We will continue to fight to protect our communities, we will continue to inform people of the negative impacts of large-scale wind power development, and we will continue to hope for Ontario…and Canada.