Ontario’s Green Religion: relying on opinions, not science

A source of learning on science? Science teaching in Ontario: David Suzukism and Al Goreism? On the final day of the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s (CanWEA) annual conference on October 10, 2013 they announcedthe winners of three bursaries to students entering or in post-secondary education. CanWEA runs an annual contest for the best “blog” on […] Read more

Ontario’s Green Religion 2: indoctrination?

Eager young minds Yesterday, we covered how the Ontario Power Authority website kids.saveonenergy.cais clearly aimed at teaching our children and grandchildren about the wonders of renewable energy without scientific evaluation or offsetting arguments.    The site has links to other websites including The David Suzuki Foundation, and trade associations CanSIA, CanWEA and lobby group OSEA. […] Read more

Parker Gallant: Ontario’s “green religion”

The first in a series by Parker Gallant. Parts 2 and 3 will appear Friday and Saturday. Ontario’s “green” religion: what the government is teaching our children The Ontario Power Authority or OPA, the “independent” non-profit corporation charged with ensuring the power supply to Ontario over the long term, has decided part of its mandate […] Read more

Coming soon: a 3-part series on “greening” our children’s curriculum

What has the Ontario government been teaching our children in school about its “green”  energy program?And, what authoritative resources has the province been using to support its curriculum.You may be surprised.Or not.Parker Gallant‘s series Ontario’s Green Religion, exclusive to Wind Concerns Ontario, begins Thursday and concludes Saturday.

Building credibility for wind power: more persuasion ahead

Previously, I reviewed the first three steps Nanos Research recommended to CanWEA for future messaging on wind energy as “cleaner, healthier and more sustainable” and “humanizing” the industry by engaging celebrities and using “children and young families” as the face and voice of the industry. Nanos Research recommended three more steps CanWEA together with examples […] Read more

Are scientists part of creating science curriculum?

Professor Essex sent this along, in response to “Ontario’s Green Religion.” Reproduced with permission. Men in Suits by Christopher Essex Organization for Quality Education (OQE FORUM Sept. 97 Vol.6 Number 2) Page 4 I hurried, casually dressed, into the  gymnasium where the opening session had already begun. The other similarly dressed conference delegates sat politely […] Read more

Environmental Review Tribunal: Paul Muldoon revisited

A year ago, Parker Gallant wrote this on the Environmental Review Tribunal and had several questions about the impartiality of some Tribunal members. He takes a special look at Paul Muldoon, the environmental lawyer, who is vice-chair at the Adelaide appeal, being heard in London this morning.  We reprint this excerpt: Examining the Environmental Review […] Read more