Alberta conservative win means change for wind power

New Alberta Premier Jason Kenney: not a fan of subsidized wind power

April 18, 2019

The win by Alberta’s United Conservative Party (UCP) on Tuesday may mean changes ahead for the corporate wind power industry’s aggressive plans for the province.

According to industry publication Windpower, Premier-designate Jason Kenney has said he will not hold a new auction for renewable energy sources in Alberta.

Mr. Kenney has said he does not support the subsidies for renewable power and prefers a “market-driven” approach, instead.

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) stated it “looks forward to working with the new government to ensure market-driven approaches are in place” to aid wind power development.

CanWEA also says that wind power in Alberta is a very competitive 3.7 cents per kWH but Ontario energy commentator Parker Gallant says that ignores a variety of subsidies. In Ontario, the cost of wind power must factor in the cost of wasting other forms of emissions-free power because the wind power companies negotiated “first to the grid” rights.



Stan Thayer

Warning for Albertans! “LOOK-OUT”.
CANWEA is sending their high priced lawyers and lobbyists to fill your pockets, explain to you their screwy facts and figures and show you the error of your ways!
All Albertans should know their colourful powerpoint presentataions!
Doomsday is upon you without Industrial Wind Turbines, lots of them!

Now for some good news!
It seems someone at OPG has forgot to drink the Liberal kool-aid. All hydro generating stations along the Madawaska river system which empties into the Ottawa river at Arnprior and the Ottawa river stations are generating at full bore which will help to slow the Frechette into Valleyfield and Montreal, Québec.
Although the Liberals anacted a law which gives the IWT’S first access to the Ontario grid, today, an amount equal to all Ontario IWT output is being diverted to the northern U.S. states allowing the hydro stations to operate and, to some extent, lessen the flooding downstream.
It takes about two days for the Frechette flow to reach my region around Hawksbury, Ontario.
Depending on the weather, Tuesday or Wednesday should produce our 2019 peak flow.
Good-luck to all involved!
Stan the power man


Can renewable energy subsidies also include/mean de-risking renewable energy investments?

Stan Thayer

Ha ha hee hee hee what a joke windmills are!
The Ontario wind farms are promoted as having more than 6000 MW of installed capacity.
Ya right, in what century, on what planet?
At 10 am this morning, Sunday, April 21st 2019, all 3000 windmills in Ontario were producing just 60 MW into a grid demand of more than 15,000 MW and that little bit only on the west coast of Ontario far away from where it’s needed. Not even enough power to charge the cell phones of all the wind power know nothings so they can call each other and complain about their high hydro bills.
The real joke is expecting more of the same windmills to work differently.
For reliable electrical power generation industrial wind turbines are definitely an expensive joke and they have proved that!
It’s time to cut our losses and stop the stupidity!

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