Appeal dismissals mean more $$$ for Ontario ratepayers

Appeals were dismissed yesterday for two wind turbine projects meaning that they will proceed unless they are appealed to the courts. 

The South Kent Project approved today for Samsung/Pattern in Chatham-Kent is huge— 270 MW.  The Adelaide project approved today for Suncor in Middlesex County is  40 MW.
Here are the costs from these projects for Ontario electricity users:
                                        South Kent        Adelaide        Total
Annual Cost in $ Millions      $    92.6              13.7         $106.3
20 year Cost  in $ Millions    $1,852.0          $274.4        2,126.3
The annual cost for these two projects alone works out to $22.15 per household for 20 years.
The decision on the 270-MW K2 project appeal is expected by the end of January.  
This has been (another) costly week for Ontario ratepayers.

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