Appeal filed for Ontario wind turbine noise records

Government records for reports of wind turbine noise 2006-2016 have already been released — what’s the big deal about 2017?

October 10, 2019

Wind Concerns Ontario has filed a second appeal with the Information and Privacy Commissioner following failure of the environment ministry to respond to a routine request for copies of government records of citizen reports of wind turbine noise.

A request for the 2017 records was submitted in 2018, and full payment for the record search was made earlier this year. The environment ministry has already been the subject of one appeal, and was ordered by the Privacy Commissioner to respond.

Months have passed since and WCO, the coalition of community groups, individuals and families across Ontario concerned about the negative impacts of industrial-scale wind turbines, decided to appeal again.

The government launched the reporting system for wind turbine noise and other environmental health and safety concerns in 2009 when it passed the Green Energy and Green Economy Act. Then Premier Dalton McGuinty assured Ontarians that their health and safety would be protected, and concerns addressed.

The number of reports of noise pollution used to be public but posting that information halted in 2013; the Wynne government’s promise to reinstate a public accounting of the number of pollution reports in 2017 has never been fulfilled.

Wind Concerns Ontario already has records for 2006-2016, which include the number of individual Incident Reports filed with the environment ministry Spills Line or now Spills Action Centre as well as Master Incident Reports.

There were more than 4,500 such reports, which is almost certainly not the whole picture as some District Offices did not give Incident Report numbers and reports cannot now be tracked.

A request for 2018 documents is in process, and fulfillment expected within days.



Richard Mann

FYI I am attaching a letter from Dr Bokhout, acting medical officer of health, Huron County Health Unit on Sept 16, 2019.

The letter is to a citizen in Huron County.
I am publishing with the permission of the recipient.

Does this letter withstand scrutiny? Is this acceptable, given that ongoing lawsuits have all failed?

Richard Mann

Encl: Dr Bokhout letter.
From: Maarten Bokhout
To: Carla Stachura ; Erica Clark
Sent: Monday, September 16, 2019, 11:14:02 PM EDT
Subject: possible adverse health effects from wind turbines

Dear Ms. Stachura,
I am responding to your email addressed to Dr. Erica Clark, dated August 29, 2019. I have reviewed your correspondence of August 14 and Rick Chappell’s May 15, 2018 response to the article “Altered Cortical and Subcortical…(etc)”.
I offer the following:
Your concern is that the wind turbines in your vicinity are noncompliant with MOE noise regulations. The noise is tonal. This is significant, as the foregoing article suggests that “infrasound near the hearing threshold may induce changes of neural activity across several brain regions,some of which…are regarded as key players in emotional and autonomic control “.
I am sympathetic to your ongoing concerns suggesting that there is a link between wind turbine noise and your (and your partner’s) health and wellbeing. In part, it was your persistence in notifying us at the health unit of your concerns that led me to seek approval for a study to try to determine whether or not there were particular health issues which could be linked to wind turbine activity. The study was approved but we were unable to attract enough participants to do a quantitative analysis of the data gathered. We will complete a descriptive analysis in the next month or so, but this will, unfortunately, not give us enough information to be able to state whether or not not the presence of wind turbines have an adverse effect on the PUBLIC health.
There is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that some INDIVIDUALS have trouble coping with the effects of active wind turbines (flicker, infrasound, possible stray electric currents). I note that the Madison county Board of Public Health recommends changes to the setbacks of FUTURE wind turbine projects.
Your best bet may be to seek redress in the courts. It is unfortunate that our study was not supported by enough residents of Huron County, some of which allegedly encouraged non participation in the study…

Maarten Bokhout, MD, etc. a/MOH

Stan Thayer

Another topic that is coming to the realization during this 2019 election is the drop in economic activity caused by the McGuinty Wynne Liberals Green Energy Act of 2009. In 2009, ten years ago, the daily Ontario power grid demand topped out in the 30-32,000 MW range and this morning, October 13th 2019 it is 13,969 MW, less than half.
Businesses, their power demands, and jobs, have left Ontario.
No commercial entity can withstand a 60% cut in demand for a product and remain viable unless prices increase accordingly, in this case hydro prices.
Whether the Liberals planned this to hurt the next government or not, really doesn’t matter much now and no amount of windmills will bring it back.
Industrial Wind Turbines are killing our economy, along with ruining the lives of families while chopping up birds and in some places destroying fresh water aquifers. Everyone suffers in some way, so what is the benefit?
The former Liberal government sold Ontario to foreign investors and I dought if they intend to give it back, sort of, saving the planet, one bucket of kickbacks at a time!
This is my eleventh election and I hear the same empty promises from the same talking heads, only the names have changed!
Maybe this time, it will change for the better!


I wish we had someone in Ontario who could so clearly articulate the serious reality we face here.
Listen to this keynote speaker in Kentucky explaining calmly and clearly the energy issues in his state.
Our elections campaigns are nothing more than opportunities to repeat a limited number of talking points that have been deemed safe by campaign managers.

Stan Thayer

So I see nothing has changed in the windmill propaganda world!
The new Henvey Inlet wind farm with a proposed installed capacity of 300 MW was topping out at 16-18 MW earlier this morning, October 15th 2019.
The promise of powering up to 100,000 homes I guess was just a sales pitch or maybe that new cosmic math.
Over the years I have watched most wind farms produce around 6-10% of their projected installed capacity. Some offshore IWT’S did better on site but lost it in the delivery back to the onshore grids.
None have achieved 100% as advertised!
Why is no one asking why?
Stan the power man


Don’t ask don’t tell?


Barbara. have you seen the recently released documentary done by Viviane Krause?

She focuses on western Canada’s energy issues but you will recognize the same foundations and names that you’ve been finding in the industrial wind turbine incursion in Ontario.


Nice to know that V.K. is back again.


The question is, are the foundations behind industrial wind turbines using deceptive climate change alarmism as the basis of their involvements?
Also, are these foundation operating such that they can withstand scrutiny regarding their financial dealings?
Charles Ortel has spent several intense years exposing the Clinton Charitable Tax Foundation and his work has exposed their Climate Initiatives.
Do your own research and see for yourself what he has exposed.


Have looked at some foundations, can’t do all that might be needed regarding these issues?

Stan Thayer

What is happening?
After 10 years these windmills should be working!
Again yesterday, October 24 2019, nine gas fired back-up power plants around Ontario supplied more power to the Ontario electrical grid than all 3000 industrial wind turbines.
Is this progress or doing the same thing over and over expecting different results?
We got rid of working coal fired power plants then built gas fired back-up power plants for wind turbines that don’t work.
This is crazy!
If the wind turbines can only produce 1% of the demand then who chooses the 99% that get no power?
It will probably be the talking money!
Keep smiling

Stan Thayer

So, 10 weeks left in 2019.
So, today, October 27th 2019 wind turbines are contributing about 4%, at times, to the Ontario electrical grid.
So, 20% renewables by 2020 was propaganda.
So, after 10 years they are not even close.
So, now what?
So, now I say again,”We told you so”!


The “bottle-neck” for more renewable energy investments has/had to be removed?



United Nations

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Stan Thayer

Great news for wind power groupies.
Earlier today, October 31st 2019, the total output of all the thousands of Industrial Wind Turbines across Ontario made a new attempt at a record of 11% into the Ontario electrical grid and maintained that level for almost one, “1”, hour.
Diesel and coal put them up and diesel and coal will bring them down.


Such an interesting though. We will keep an eye on the next developments.
Thank you for sharing!


German wind energy stalls amid public resistance and regulatory hurdles

Protests Force Norway To Scrap Ambitious Wind Project

Hawaiian Wind Farm Protesters Arrested, Say Windmills Too Close to Homes, Citing Noise Pollution and Migraines

Freedom United wins lawsuit over new Town of Freedom wind law


Please watch this very recent push back from Lake Erie.

Where were our paid and elected leaders when our community was being destroyed?

Stan Thayer

Hi there folks!
As every pensioner should know, investment councils are paid to advance our fund into the next decades. They do take into consideration asset management and stability. Government legislated taxpayer subsidies do just that. Almost certain year over year positive percentage additions. In this portfolio, windmills are the financial debenture. They are simply a means to an end result. I dought if my investment broker or most any asset manager on Bay Street knows what a windmill is or does nor gives a damn.
As for Lake Erie.
It was the most polluted great lake back in the seventies and today it is second or third depending on which study from our Ministry of Environment that you read as compared to the U.S. EPA. They say it’s us, we say it’s them, sort of thing!—-Noone wins!
International corporations, like Mitsubishi, have agreements which, to some extent include the international waterways.
Yes our elected officials are paid but their influence over stock exchange manipulation is minimal. Their influence over our protection is minimal. Their influence over industrial uses on private property is minimal. Talk is cheap, action is expensive. Most officials, as we all saw in the recent election, talk a lot and take little action.
Windmills, like new cars, lose their new smell quickly, but land lease agreements are tangible and might be used to increase asset equity or transferred for some other reason or even sold outright before any project is on the design table.
Politicians talk about working for their constituents then Ok large expenditures on projects that get votes but have detrimental effects on our communities and as we all witnessed,—–they get voted back in to do it again and again and again.
That,,, I do try to understand,—-BUUUUT!
One really confused man.

Stan Thayer

Oh ya I forgot.
This evening, November 6th 2019 total input from all the Ontario IWT’S to the Ontario electrical grid.
At 5p 9%
At 6p 8%
At 7p 6%
Looks like 8p will be lower again as the evening gets colder and overall demand across the province increases.
Incremental fractions not shown and really won’t show much difference at that low level.

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