Big Wind wants energy policies tilted toward wind: letter

Wind can’t compete, which is why the corporate developer lobby wants policies shifted to favour its interest

Lethbridge Herald, January 30, 2016

In his letter “Correcting wind energy errors,” Lethbridge Herald, Jan. 23, the president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) befuddles his readers with statistics and technical phrases. Only those familiar with the generation and marketing of electricity might be able to detect his “spin” which is required to make wind generation look attractive.

He claims that “new wind energy generation is cost competitive,” but his own publication, “Wind Vision 2025” (, reveals that “By 2016 the average pool price is forecast to be $62.98/MWh, well below wind’s levelized cost of $84/MWh (wind) producers can only expect to earn $50/MWh from the Alberta energy market and $9.16 from emission reduction sales. That price ($59.16/MWh) will not support the construction of ANY wind power facilities in Alberta by 2025” (page 9).

In plain English, wind needs $84/MWh to break even. Wind can’t compete! CanWEA admits that. Their solution is to advocate that the playing field should be tilted in favour of wind. They want more money and preferential treatment. According to “Wind Vision 2025,” they want our government to:

1) Increase the carbon tax from $15 per tonne. Done – $30 per tonne. Now wind can get more from the sale of emission reduction credits. Coal will have to pay more to wind. Consumers will pay more for electricity and everything else.

2) Legislate a “Clean Electricity Standard” which would impose a maximum GHG emissions intensity level upon all electricity sold by retailers in the province. In other words retailers would be forced to buy wind to meet the new standard. More wind farms would be needed; extra transmission lines; more reserve capacity. Good for wind – expensive for others.

3) Support the creation of long-term contracts. I quote: “An uplift in the carbon price will improve the economics of wind-energy production – but without the ability to secure long-term contracts, it will be very challenging to secure cost-effective financing for projects.” “Long-term contracts” is the catchphrase for 20 years of guaranteed high prices. The reality of “energy poverty,” which is defined as having to choose between buying food or electricity, inevitably follows upon the heels of such contracts. German households now pay about four times the Alberta average for electricity. German industries must be subsidized. CO2 is not abated.

“Wind Vision 2025” outlines the plan. Let’s hope that our provincial government doesn’t buy it.

Shaun Ward


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Mary Kovacs

!. Wind still does not want to admit that this is an incomplete science no way to stare power when there is no wind..
2, At present we are increasing CO2 emissions with on /off fossil fuel generators when there is no wind!.
3. Deny the effects of LFN on peoples health up to 10 km.

Andre Lauzon

Wind Energy does not care about the environment. They were able to baffle weak minded politicians in the past and they will keep on doing it as long as they think they can get those lucrative contracts.
$$$$ talks. I live in the city so I am not “directly” affected by windmills and I can afford (at the present) to pay for the electricity I use but I am very disgusted by the way McGuinty, Wynne, Chiarelli and assoc. have trampled the democratic rights of their citizens . I hope other provinces won’t let their politicians do the same thing.


Andre, you are exactly the kind of person we need to help us get through to this government!
There is a growing body of people who are not being directly affected because they don’t live in the midst of these wind power stations, but they are becoming informed and it is activating their conscience to hear what these turbines and their infrastructure are doing to their fellow Canadians who have been forced against their will to live within a wind power station..
People in rural Ontario need your help. Our government has betrayed the public trust. Real people have suffered/are suffering and have been/ are being forced to move out of their homes!
Thank you Andre for ‘getting it’!


Maybe Albertans should note the connections between a couple of Alberta renewable energy developers and a couple of VIP U.S. politicians?

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