Birders need to know dangers of wind farms

In danger: Lark Bunting
In danger: Lark Bunting

Almost everyone loves birds and this is the season for bird watching. Recent articles in newspapers such as The Ottawa Citizen have noted sightings of beautiful bird species such as the Lark Bunting on Amherst Island, and also of the concern for the Purple Martin population.

The proliferation of wind ‘farms’ along Ontario’s shorelines—Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and Lake Superior—is of grave concern to everyone in Ontario who is a true environmentalist. Other sensitive areas such as the Luther Marsh, are also being encroached upon by wind power development, despite federal government guidelines which clearly advise against siting power projects in such areas.

An article in the London Free Press recently made note of how critical Important Bird Areas or IBAs are to conservation of the natural environment and wildlife…but there was not one word about the IBAs threatened by wind power all over Ontario. The Ministry of the Environment lawyer Sylvia Davis remarked at the appeal of the Ostrander Point decision in January that, it doesn’t matter if a few birds or animals are killed—“wind power is an important public infrastructure project” that outweighs everything.

We disagree.

We think lots of other citizens of Ontario do, too.


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Pat Cusack

I have already written to Bird Studies Canada about this very subject. I simply cannot fathom the attitude of governments. Oh, and by the way, I think they should not be called “farms”, those wind turbine things.

Wind Concerns Ontario

We know they should not be called ‘farms’ which is why we use quotation marks. But the unhappy fact is ‘wind power projects’ or industrial wind power generation facilities doesn’t get picked up by search engines.

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