Blenheim ERT update: awesome witnesses

The Environmental Review Tribunal continues on the appeal of the South Kent wind power project by Platinum Produce,  vs the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and South Kent Wind.
  Platinum Produce Corp has been allowed to continue on with this challenge even though it is not an individual with Charter Rights, and Mr. Tim Verbeek has been allowed to testify on behalf of Platinum Produce’s 50 workers, most of whom are migrants from the Philippines and Thailand. As you may rrecall from earlier reports, the lodging for the workers falls within the setback distance, and the employer, Platinum, is concerned for its employees’ health, if they are exposed to the environmental noise and vibration produced by the industrial-scale wind power generators.
  Arguments too place about medical records, and now, the Michaud family will be testifying as to their experiences, living with turbines adjacent to their farm.
  Nikki Horton was “awesome” with her testimony.
  Rescheduling of this weeks’ hearings is currently taking place, but still to come is the cross examination of Mr. Tim Verbeek, testimony of Roger Oliviera and  Dr. Sarah Laurie.  Then the MOE and South Kent Wind have witnesses to call.
  The Ministry of the Environment is trying a new gambit: they claim that the original project was approved and its original appeal was denied, so how could the amendment, which consists of moving a turbine farther from a receptor and de-rating a few more, could not be approved.
Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group

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