Cancel new wind power directive: advice to Ontario’s new Energy Minister

While concerns about Ontario’s electricity bills mount, with families increasingly finding it hard to pay the “hydro bills,” Ontario’s new Energy minister revealed in a Global TV interview that he doesn’t know that the situation is a crisis … in fact, he doesn’t know much about the entire portfolio. Here’s a fact: wind power in Ontario is less than 5% of the power supply, yet accounts for 20% of the bills. And, Ontario is exporting huge amounts of power while paying wind power generators to “constrain” production.

Parker Gallant this week sent a letter to the new Energy Minister Glen Thibeault, with an earnest offer to help, as a private citizen.

Parker Gallant: cancel the directive to add 600 more megawatts of intermittent wind power
Parker Gallant: cancel the directive to add 600 more megawatts of intermittent wind power

The Honourable Glen Thibeault, Minister of Energy,

Legislative Building,

Queen’s Park,

Toronto ON

M7A 1A1

Dear Minister Thibeault:

I was intrigued with your interview by Shirlee Engel of Global National and your humble admission that you still have much to learn about the portfolio that Premier Wynne handed you.   Just to somewhat set your mind at ease I have been observing the Ministry of Energy and its complexities for six years and I too, on occasion, have doubts of my knowledge and understanding of the sector.

One thing I noted during the interview was your responses were not always factual perhaps reflecting your belief that your predecessors or the Ministry staff were, and still are, always correct. For example, you answered one of the questions on electricity rates by saying our “rates will rise 1.7% over the next 15 years”.

You may or may not be aware that when George Smitherman held the “energy” portfolio and shortly after he introduced Bill 150, the Green Energy and Green Economy Act (GEA), he appeared before the Standing Committee on General Government in 2009 and said this:

“We anticipate about 1% per year of additional rate increase associated with the bill’s implementation over the next 15 years.”

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) says the “average” rate as of May 1, 2009 for electricity alone was 6.07 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) and today, the OEB reports the “average” rate seven years later, as of May 1, 2016 was 12.10 cents/kWh. The increase of 6.03 cents/kWh is a 99.3% increase — not the Smitherman forecast of 7% for that period.   In respect to delivery costs, Hydro One’s have increased by over 100% since 2009, and all of those increases were approved by the OEB.

Your predecessor Minister Chiarelli also made predictions. A year ago in an interview with the Windsor Star he said, “Rates are going to continue to go up everywhere. There was a blip in rate pressures because of the investments that we made, but starting in 2016 that will be flatlined very significantly.”

The electricity rate actually increased by 10% since his prediction …

Read the full letter here: Open letter to Energy Minister Thibeault July 2016


Pat Cusack

Thanks so much, Parker! Fingers crossed.


The current liberal government does not need any help especially from people who know what’s going on!!! Any help to stop the GEA will only be met with talk to the hand!!!! Cause we ain’t listening to you!!!


So if grid watch is saying that demand is higher than we can produce and we have to import hydro …..
How much do we pay for hydro that we have to import?????

T3..Tracy from Turbine Town

For some reason Safari cannot download the letter.
Port Burwell turbines were again still yesterday. Any idea what’s up with that?
Haven’t heard of any “brown outs” lately. With the excessive heat, either people are not using their air conditioning because they can’t afford it or the grid is handling it well because it is not overloaded?!
Perhaps by not producing power, Ontario people are saving money..not paying the Amercans to take it. This will even out the numbers and make the industry appear more feasible. But let’s not overlook the initial investment and maintenance of the wind turbines and the Green Energy scam. Don’t be fooled, Ontario’s plan will continue full steam ahead. “If you can’t convince them (the taxpayers of Ontario – to put their money in the personal bank accounts of the Liberals) then confuse them.” This appears to be the mantra of the Liberal Government here in Ontario.

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