Not much ‘local’ about Dufferin wind: editorial

Here from the Orangeville Banner, an opinion on Dufferin Wind Power’s heavy-handed moves to push forward with its wind power project.

Adding “Dufferin” to your corporation’s name doesn’t necessarily make you local.   
No matter how many times the wind farm developer claims to be, Dufferin Wind Power Inc. is no champion of the local community. At least that’s the way we see it.
If recent events are any indication, Dufferin Wind isn’t interested in playing nice with those local landowners it has so far been unable to buy out. It appears more interested in prying the land it needs for its 99 MW wind farm in Melancthon and 230 kV transmission line away from private landowners who have refused to sell.
It’s using the threat of expropriation, as permitted under the Green Energy Act, to convince landowners into signing deals. And if they don’t, Dufferin Wind will have the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) buy it by force. 
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