Turbine noise and health study to be published

Results to be presented at public health conference next week

Turbine study to be published

By Rob Gowan, Sun Times, Owen Sound

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 4:26:20 EDT PM

A local study that concluded industrial wind turbines cause distress among people who live near them, is to be published in an online medical journal.

The report, which was co-authored by Grey Bruce Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hazel Lynn and epidemiological researcher Dr. Ian Arra, will be published in the online journal, Cureus. No date has been announced for publication.

“It gives a level of authority to a paper such as this,” said Lynn. “It basically gives it much more credibility in the science reading population.”

The review, entitled, Literature Review 2013: Association Between Wind Turbine Noise and Human Distress, came at the request of the Grey Bruce Board of Health in late 2012 after local residents who live near wind turbines asked the health unit to investigate potential ill health affects.

Lynn and Arra conducted an in-depth review of 18 of the most credible and up to date studies around the world on whether wind turbines affect people’s health.

Lynn and Arra’s report considered various types of studies from around the world related to noise exposure from the turbines and from infrasound exposure. They ranged from cohort and randomized studies, cases studies and series and even anecdotes and opinions. They came from medical, environmental and acoustic publications, all peer reviewed.

In February of 2013 they presented their findings to the board of health, concluding that there is “reasonable evidence that an association exists between wind turbines and distress in humans.”

Late last year it was announced the study was being peer reviewed for publication in medical journals. Cureus is a peer-reviewed journal based in San Francisco with an international editorial board.

Lynn said the review was originally submitted to the Canadian Medical Journal and others, but many of them want original research, so the process has taken a little longer than hoped.

“It took a little longer to find one that wants to do this kind of literature review,” said Lynn, who expects the review to now be quoted in a number of other journals.

In their review, the authors stressed that associating wind turbines to distress is not the same as hard evidence of cause and effect.

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Farm owners expose serious conflict in ON gov’t wind turbine guidelines

Prince Edward County farm owners Doug and Janet Murphy, have written a letter to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, asking a question that exposes a serious conflict between the Environment and Agriculture ministries, regarding the placement of wind turbines.

According to documentation from Agriculture, farm owners are advised NOT to erect wind turbines near routes for migratory birds. And yet, say the Murphys, the Ministry of the Environment is not only allowing the siting of the White Pines project in Prince Edward County, it is encouraging it.

The Murphys are demanding an explanation and further, that plans to approve the project by wpd Canada be halted.

View the letter from the Murphys murphyletter scan here.

Township to ON government: Take illegal turbines DOWN


Township to province: take them down

West Lincoln seeks turbine moratorium – again

Township to province: take them down


The Township of West Lincoln is renewing its call for a moratorium on industrial wind turbines in light of the HAF wind energy project not meeting setback requirements of the Green Energy Act. The township is also asking the province to order the removal of the four turbines in violation.
Grimsby Lincoln News

WEST LINCOLN —Zlata Zoretic can see three wind turbines from her bedroom window.
Her Twenty Road home is surrounded by the HAF wind energy project. The turbine closest to her home is a mere 640 metres away — just shy of 100 metres over the provincial setback of 550 metres. And thanks in part to the efforts of a local citizens group, Zoretic recently learned two of the turbines are even closer to her property than provincial regulations allow.
The West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group used a range finder to determine the distances of the five turbines from the property lines after a property owner raised concerns that one of the five turbines appeared closer than 95 metres from her property line. The Ministry of Environment has confirmed the group’s allegations that four of the five turbines infract the property line setback regulation stipulated in the Green Energy Act. Under the legislation, turbines must be the height of the tower, from base to hub from the property line — which in the case of the HAF project is 95 metres.
Two of the turbines are five metres too close to Zoretic’s property.
“Take them down,” said Zoretic outside West Lincoln council chambers Monday night, moments after the planning, building and environmental committee unanimously supported a resolution asking the province to do just that – and to immediately halt all wind projects in Ontario. “They shouldn’t be there in the first place.”
The motion, introduced by Alexander Micallef, comes a little more than a week after Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak, MPP for Niagara West-Glanbrook, renewed his call for a moratorium and demanded the province take down the HAF project turbines in light of the setback violations.
“They are violating legislation in my opinion,” said Micallef on introducing the motion, which also asks the province to review the negative impacts of its Green Energy Act. “This is something this council and a lot of our constituents have a lot of concern with. It’s frustrating.”
According to the ministry, the HAF project cannot go online until the property line matter is resolved. And according to West Lincoln council, there is only way to resolve the matter: take the turbines down. The resolution also calls on the province to ensure all current and future wind farms comply with regulations – without any exceptions.
“It’s very, very disheartening,” said Coun. Lou DiLeonardo of the situation. “I wonder what would happen if people just started building houses, pools and sheds wherever they want.”
According to planning director Brian Treble, applicants have the option to encroach the setback regulations if they have written permission from the abutting property owner. Niagara Region Wind Corp., which has an application before the province for a 77-turbine project centred in West Lincoln, has chosen to take that route.
Proponents of the HAF project — which is jointly owned by Vineland Power Inc. and Rankin Wind Energy – did not seek permission and are now seeking to rectify the situation.
“Both are not fair. Both do not deal with the rules and the regulations of the Green Energy Act,” said Mayor Doug Joyner. “That’s what’s really upsetting to us in West Lincoln.”
Both council and its constituents are demanding the province right the situation.
“Nobody is above the law,” said a woman identifying herself only as Mrs. Sherman. “They should be held accountable.” …
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Support Plympton-Wyoming council vs Suncor

Street view of Wyoming

Here from WAIT-PW:

Dear Town of Plympton-Wyoming Supporters,
As you are probably aware, Suncor is challenging the Town of Plympton-Wyoming’s By-laws in Court on Wednesday. Council implemented these by-laws to protect US! They are designed to protect us financially and designed to protect our health.  PLEASE, PLEASE, SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION of Council’s actions on Wednesday with your attendance. 
Where: Sarnia Court House – 700 Christina N, Sarnia, ON N7V 3C2 Map
Parking: on-site
When: 8:30-9:30 a.m. Demonstration of Support – Bring Your Signs! Main Entrance, Not on Court House Property
9:30-10:00 a.m. Place signs in vehicles and proceed through security to Court Room. Prepare to empty purses and don’t carry anything that won’t allow you through security.
10:00 a.m. Court case begins – remember we are a professional group and will demonstrate respect for the judge and the court system.
Sign Suggestions (Please be creative!):
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3 km setback for wind in Poland? Wind biz upset

Windpower Monthly


Polish wind sector alarm over proposed project restrictions

4 February 2014 by Wojciech Kość, 3 comments

POLAND: The Polish wind power sector is concerned about a controversial proposal amending Poland’s construction law to exclude wind power installations less than 3 kilometres from homes and forested areas.

If the law is passed, wind projects will be limited to locations that are at least 3 kilometers from residential properties and forest areas.
Such a requirement would eliminate a great majority of suitable locations, according to the Polish Wind PowerAssociation and several other lobby groups.

Despite having been tabled by opposition party Law and Justice (PiS), the proposal appears to have the support of the ruling Citizens‘ Platform (PO) party, whose leader and prime minister Donald Tusk said recently that Poland could not afford too much renewable energy.

During a recent reading in parliament, MPs from both PO and PiS voted in favour of further work on the proposal.

The justification for the proposal reads that there are concerns that wind turbines have a negative effect on human health and that their presence causes land prices to drop.
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