Citizens’ group files appeal of ERT decision

The Government of Ontario via the Ministry of the Environment and wind power developer Gilead Power (a.k.a. Ostrander Point Power) filed an appeal of the Environmental Review Tribunal decision that revoked approval of a power project on Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County.

Community group, and Wind Concerns Ontario member, APPEC or the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County, has also filed an appeal of the decision. APPEC is filing on the grounds of human health, and specifically that the Tribunal made an error in law by “failing to apply the appropriate standard of proof” and by not finding a causal link between the proposed project and that the project will cause “direct or indirect serious harm to human health,” according to documents filed with the courts last week.

“This is another expensive legal undertaking,” said APPEC Chair Henri Garand in a message to members. “An appeal on health applies to every Ontario wind project.”

For more information, visit APPEC’s blog site.

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