Crusading mayor says he is game for a fight over wind power

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North Frontenac Mayor Ron Higgins told the audience for a noon-hour public affairs show yesterday that he is “game” for a fight against wind power projects … and he is gathering steam among other municipalities to “bring it on.”

Although North Frontenac missed a contract in the recent announcement by the IESO, he is under no illusion that his community, where the majority of residents are opposed to a wind power project, is safe.

“Those bids” will just roll over into the next round, he said, and his community is not only ready, they are striking out for change. Last week, North Frontenac Council passed a resolution asking the provincial government to make municipal support a mandatory requirement in the new bid process, not just a means to score higher in points for wind power developers.

In spite of declarations by more than 90 communities in Ontario that they were “Not A Willing Host” to the power projects, the Independent Electricity Systems Operator (IESO) awarded contracts to unwilling communities anyway.

Higgins’ issue is not only are community wishes overruled by the current process, the fact is wind power doesn’t live up to the hype. “It isn’t really ‘green’,” he said, citing studies which list concerns about the need for fossil-fuel back up and the possibility that greenhouse gas emissions actually increase with wind power.

The Ontario government never did any studies on cost-benefit analysis, Higgins said, echoing two Auditors General in Ontario, and the real impacts of industrial-scale wind power development are not known. But there are enough concerns about damage to the environment, health impacts due to the noise and vibration, and the alteration to North Frontenac’s scenic landscape to worry him.

“Here in North Frontenac,” he said, “we never take action without studying everything … the province didn’t do that.”

Listen to the interview on Rideau Lakes radio station Lake88 here:

See the North Frontenac Resolution here



You are not alone! Ontarians need to stand up to Wynne/Chiarelli/ IESO, etc…….



Thank you Mayor Ron Higgins!

You are a REAL leader!

Mike Jankowski

Thank you Mayor Ron Higgins! The people never forget those who champion their most urgent causes. Stop the new ones and shut the old ones down at least at night.


In Huron County, which is prime agricultural land, there is an idyllic residential and recreational neighbourhood where nine landowners have enjoyed hundreds of acres of heritage bush along a river. These residents bought land and have loved living here… in some cases for decades. Now they are living within a wind power plant because this government allowed ridiculous decisions to be made regarding siting. They did not consent to this imposition.
While I agree with you, Mike, about turning the turbines off during the night, in this case they need to be turned off during the day as well. These residents/landowners have the right to the safety, security and pleasure of their home 24 hours a day. Why should they have to pay for a lawsuit to regain that safety, security and pleasure? This is wrong!


The STREAM, March 30, 2016

‘Chinese Government Stops Building Wind Turbines Because Most of the Energy Is Wasted’

“The Chinese government isn’t building any new wind turbines because most of the new electricity created was wasted, causing serious damage to the country’s electrical grid.”

Article also has another link for more information.

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