Dear Minister Chiarelli [2]: are we broke?

[Tongue in Cheek Letter # 2]
September 12, 2013
The Honourable Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy,
Dear Minister Chiarelli:
I know that I just sent you my letter on September 9thabout not producing electricity from industrial wind turbines a few days ago and didn’t expect an answer back for a few more days, but I have read some news that has me concerned that the reasons for not producing power might be in trouble.
   One of the stories I read in Forbes magazine talked about global warming and it said “Global Warming is broke.”  Do you know anything about that? I was kind of counting on the extra cash that would be paid to me for not producing power.
   A story from Natural News talked about Arctic ice.  Apparently, Arctic ice is growing and is 920,000 square miles bigger this year than last year.  The article said polar bears are very strong swimmers but Mr. Suzuki said they were at risk if we didn’t curb greenhouse gas emissions–I am not sure what the author was trying to say.  I thought Suzuki and Al Gore said greenhouse gases were going to melt the ice and that’s why we have to put up wind turbines and solar panels.  Do you know anything about this or the polar bears?
   And yet another story in the Toronto Sun by Lorne Gunter on September 11, 2013 said the Earth hasn’t warmed in the past 16 or 17 years. The IPCC has some really bad climate-model computers, according to some German study.   That study claimed that all 65 of the IPCCs computers didn’t forecast the “17-year pause in temperature rise.”
  All this information has got me somewhat alarmed and my family is now rethinking the idea of getting into the non-production of electricity. They’re on my case about whether I should continue on the path of non-production of electricity from industrial wind turbines.
  I was heartened, however, by the good news from you that was reported in the Montreal Gazette.   I’m sure your staff pointed it out but just in case they didn’t here is what it said;  Meanwhile, Chiarelli says Ontario is making a net profit of up to $6 billion a year on importing and exporting electricity.
  Now $6 billion a year is a lot of money so it sure doesn’t sound like your Ministry is “broke.”  I was kind of wondering what you do with all that money because the electricity rates are still going up.  Do you use it to pay wind developers for not producing power?   If the answer to that question is “yes” then it sure looks like my letter of September 9thto you will get a favourable response.
  Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much if we are making all that money exporting our power.   We will still need some power in Ontario and hopefully your Ministry will continue to pay us for not producing it.  We should consider exporting some more electricity so that Ontario can earn even more money and you can continue your program paying people to not produce it.
  Looking forward to your assurances that the program to pay for the non-production of wind and solar electricity generation is not going to be cancelled.
Yours truly,
Parker Gallant
The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily Wind Concerns Ontario policy.

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