Denise Wolfe review report released

A thorough review by Denise Wolfe
A thorough review by Denise Wolfe

One of the panel Wind Concerns Ontario convened to review the documents and material currently available to the public for the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health study was Denise Wolfe.

Denise is with the Association to Protect Amherst Island, a WCO member group; she is also on the Board of Directors for Wind Concerns Ontario, and has led several seminars assisting WCO members in conducting audits of wind power developer documentation.

While WCO tried in our report to include the highlights of all our reviewers’ analysis, you might be interested in the depth of Denise’s report, which is here: HC DeniseWolfeIWT Noise Study Comments Final 26Nov2014



This thorough assessment and Denise Wolfe’s assertive overtones are much appreciated!

Greg Latiak

That the report was introduced with a paean to the wonders of wind power it did seem unlikely that anything adverse would be discovered. The term ‘annoyance’ itself seems designed to trivialize people’s problems. It always seems odd to me that Ontario has striven to dissociate LFN from IWT from any other type of LFN. Truly an alternate reality. Thanks for your hard work — a pity it seems mostly to be preaching to the choir.

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