Dr Jeffreys, Carmen Krogh and Brett Hroner respond to wind biz blogger

The current edition of the Canadian Family Physician journal contains a letter to the editor, responding to comment on the authors’ article published in the journal last May. The comments were made by pro-wind power and IBM employee Mike Barnard.
  The full article is available here.

Adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines

  1. Brett Horner, CMA
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  1. Little Current, Ont
We are pleased to see the interest generated by our article in the May issue.1 Much of the feedback has been constructive and should help advance awareness of the health risks of placing industrial wind turbines (IWTs) too close to humans. However, the opinions expressed by blogger Mike G. Barnard deserve comment.2
The Society for Wind Vigilance is not an “anti-wind” campaigning organization. It is a not-for-profit organization, the purpose of which is to ensure safe positioning of wind turbine facilities based on human health research; educate through the dissemination of facts and references on the risk of adverse health effects of human exposure to IWTs; work constructively with interested parties to ensure that guidelines for wind turbine facilities will protect the health and safety of communities; and achieve vigilance monitoring and long-term surveillance regarding the risks to health of IWTs.3 Society board members are authors of peer-reviewed articles on the effects of IWTs.48

The term industrial wind turbine

Mr Barnard states that the term industrial wind turbine is “emotionally laden” and “propaganda terminology.”2
Our use of the term is not intended to invoke an emotional response, but to differentiate consumer turbines from industrial-scale turbines that have a blade radius of greater than 40 m, are greater than 140 m in height, generate multiple megawatts of electricity, and produce approximately 105 dBA of sound power.

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The abstract provided by Jeffrey, Krogh and Horner misrepresents the vehement anti-IWT tone of the website of The Society . . . that I read and commented on about a year ago. Perhaps I should check this new, improved site.

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