Dufferin County to Ontario: you have to listen to the people

As we know, Dufferin County recently passed a Not A Willing Host motion. Here from today’s Brampton Guardian, a report and interviews.

No more wind turbines, county tells province

Wind turbines

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Dufferin Wind Power Inc. doesn’t expect that its wind farm will be up and running by its commercial start deadline on Jan. 30, 2014.

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Wind farm developers should look elsewhere than Dufferin, according to a motion passed by county council.
On Nov. 14, council approved a motion declaring Dufferin County as an unwilling host for any future industrial wind farm development.
Although the Green Energy Act prohibits municipal councils from actually denying wind farms from setting up, Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill said the motion aims to dissuade such development.
“It will send a message that Dufferin County is tired of the Green Energy Act,” Hill said, who moved the motion.
Amaranth, Melancthon, Mulmur and Grand Valley have all approved similar motions announcing their request that wind farm developers find another home.
Hill said more than 90 municipalities have approved similar motions.
“We’re one of many. We may be the first county that’s done it and we don’t mind being leaders,” Hill said.
Will the motion hold any weight at Queen’s Park?
“Based on what I’ve seen so far, regarding the province and the Green Energy Act, no,” Hill said. “But  at least they should get the message that we’re serious about what we’re saying.”

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