Eastern Ontario wind farm contracts a ‘betrayal’ municipalities say

3-MW wind turbine and house near Brinston: 'engagement' didn't mean 'approval'. [Photo: Ray Pilon, Ottawa]
3-MW wind turbine and house near Brinston: ‘engagement’ didn’t mean ‘approval’. [Photo: Ray Pilon, Ottawa]
Ottawa Citizen, March 11, 2016

The Ontario government has betrayed rural municipalities by approving new wind farms in places that have explicitly voted against them, mayors say — including just east of Ottawa.

“Since we declared ourselves unwilling hosts, we thought we had it made,” says François St. Amour, mayor of The Nation Municipality. “Because there was some talk in the last provincial election that they would honour municipalities that declared themselves unwilling. But I guess that was just another electoral promise.”

The agency that makes the province’s deals for renewable power is readying a contract for a 32-megawatt wind farm there, one of a bunch of bids from private generating companies it’s just accepted. The other in Eastern Ontario is the biggest of the group, a 100-megawatt project in North Stormont.

Both Eastern Ontario councils took votes in 2015 to say they did not want the wind farms on their territories.

The province’s Green Energy Act, meant to kickstart an Ontario industry in manufacturing and maintaining renewable energy technology, gave virtually no say to local governments on where wind and solar farms might go. Many rural residents believed, and still do, they’re being sacrificed for the electricity needs of cities.

The government pulled back. Under the province’s new rules, municipalities don’t get veto power over renewable energy projects but they do formally get asked to say whether new wind or solar farms are welcome or not. Ottawa’s city council regularly votes its formal support for small solar projects, which is worth extra points when would-be operators submit their bids.

“It will be virtually impossible for a wind turbine, for example, or a wind project, to go into a community without some significant level of engagement,” energy minister and Ottawa MPP Bob Chiarelli told a legislature committee in 2013.

“Engagement.” Not “agreement.”

“We will not give a veto, and no jurisdiction gives a veto, to a municipality on any kind of public infrastructure. That should have been clear to them,” Chiarelli says. Wind farms in rural Ontario are like tall buildings downtown, he says: immediate neighbours may hate them but they’re still needed.

Thirteen of the 16 new contracts got local council approval. All of the ones that didn’t are wind farms — the two here and one in Dutton-Dunwich, between London and Windsor, where residents took the issue up in a referendum and voted 84 per cent against. Two wind farms are going to Chatham-Kent, whose council voted to support them.

“They’ve put municipalities on the sidelines. It seems, though, that municipalities get most of the grief,” St. Amour says. His council first voted in favour of the wind farm in The Nation without a whole lot of thought, he says, treating it like the solar farms councillors have welcomed in the past. Councillors changed their minds after hearing from residents.

“It was rough on council last summer. It was really, really rough. Especially because we can’t do much about it. We thought declaring unwilling hosts was it,” St. Amour says.

Mayor Dennis Fife of North Stormont says his council thought the same. “At one time, the government said that if you came out with something saying you were an unwilling host, that would be respected, but that wasn’t the case,” he says.

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Has anyone noticed that there are no comments sections on at least some of the published news articles on IWT issues or am I mistaken?


To comment on the above article in the Ottawa Citizen, you need to go through Facebook which, as I understand, requires personal information.

This same tactic is being used by U.S. publications which in turn limits comments on published articles.


No one ever worries about someone elses problems until it actually affects them. Hey mayors, welcome to the club. Now you know how the rest of us have been feeling… for how many years? Ontario is now ruled by dictators. They dictate (ruin) your life, your future and your death. Prepare your children well folks…they will have no say in the governance of this province. It is a done deal and soon everything in it will be DEAD.


“People don’t care about another’s problem until it happens to them”. Where were you in 2008?!


Get off my back Theresa. FYI, in 2008, I wan’t even living here. I didn’t know about turbines and I didn’t ask for turbines. Ever since I found this forum, you’ve been angry because I choose to post about endangered turtles and bats and the wildlife of Ontario instead of sucking up to you and your problems. You might get more sympathy from me if you stop cursing and knock the chip off your shoulder and by the way, since you brought God into it…my God expects more love and kindness, not vitriol


If the IWTs can be stopped through environmental damage this will accomplish the same thing. And people have worked long and hard to prove the damage done to the environment.

Then overall plan for Ontario and Canada has to be known.

Massavcusetts Clean Electricity Partnership, Est. 2016

“Affordable Hydro and Wind. For our future”


These are Canadian hydro-electric power sources. So huge amounts of electricity are being sought from Canada to supply the U.S.

Rural Ontarians don’t count in these grand electric energy plans to export power. And neither do all of rural Canadians.

The same is true for rural Americans with IWTs and transmission lines.


Mass. Clean Electricity Partnership also includes:


And no one notices any connections?


“Each project will need environmental approval which will likely take years” ha ha ha. Bullshit Chiarelli, key word here..”likely”. You are a deliberate indirect liar. You deserve to be spat in the face.
How much do they pay Chiarelli to spew the crap he does?
I deserve to be given every penny earned made from the AIM Powergen development around my home for destroying my health, my family, my livelihood PLUS compensation for the past 8 years of hell I have lived and compensation for future illness related to my intense exposure to sound radiation. I would have much preferred death by gunshot.
How about “an eye for an eye”…
Where the hell is our great humanitarian Trudeau…
This is not the life, nor the values exhibited by people that GOD has given and expects of us. This pertains to the majority of people.
Are you one of them? Shame, shame, shame.
What does it take for Ontarians to believe that election promises are bullshit?


Lynda, I asked the question “where were you eight years ago” and in your response you ripped me good!
Good for you standing up for yourself. However regarding your response, this forum is not intended for an attack as such. As your response continues to stand, I will rightfully comment to my defense. 
My intent is not to gain your sympathy lol, but to create an awareness of the extent of the devastation – most importantly one’s well being of the people of rural Ontario,  and the truth about what continues to destroy Ontario.
As Barbara has stated many times, we are using the tools we have, to put an end to this bovine bunk (aka bullshit). The tool is using the cause of the protection of the turtles and bats. The strategy employed regardless of what it is; if we are successful in stopping the development of turbines is great, hooray!
However, it is very upsetting to people as myself, who experience the pain, when others express more concern for animals then they do for fellow man. 
At this time, the focus of the turtles and bats is a deterrent – the government is so desperate to maintain; the non disclosure of the most important issue-impact on human health.
How would you feel if people cared more about the well being of a turtle or a bat then about you?
As for my “vitriol” response (I had to look that word up); yes I am very vitriolic when it comes to issues involving the ongoing activities of our corrupt government and industrial wind turbines. There is a place for love and kindness.
However, we are in the midst of a fight. It is a war. I acknowledge it as such. 
The Green Energy Act will be noted as the biggest scam thus far, in the history of Ontario. Imagine the history books, the questions our grandchildren will ask e.g. Why; how could the people of Ontario let this happen?
Today we can talk nicey-nice about it until the cows come home; while our government continues to steam roll over us with their bovine bunk (bullshit)..fast and dirty. 
As for my use of the words bullshit and shit (I believe this is the extent of my cursing) I would think you have heard much more then this in this day and age. Perhaps the intent of you bringing attention to this was to belittle me. I use the term bull shit as a noun: to express lies, nonsense. The word “shit” I use as a slang for “crap, feces, poo poo” also meaning nonsense.
When I am kicked I do not pretend all is good nor sweep the dirt under the rug. I stand up and defend myself.
In the end, once development of industrial wind turbines is halted, will there be support for the people of Ontario who have and continue to experience negative health impacts from infrasound radiation? For many of us there has been serious irreversible and continuous harm. YOU have no idea…
We will see what the people of Ontario are made of. I do hope the concern and support of my fellow Ontarians extends beyond the warm and fuzzy feelings created within oneself in their campaign to save the turtles and bats.
As I have previously stated, this green energy scam has been plaguing Ontario for years…
To answer my initial question, “Where were you?”  The answer is obvious… sorry I asked.
Btw, practice what you preach. Please, no more attacks.

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