Enercon turbine shreds in Germany

Shredded blades on Enercon turbine [Photo Gudrun Ponta/EDR]
March 12, 2018

Eder Dampf Radio in Germany is reporting a spectacular incident in which the rotor blades of an Enercon wind turbine shredded, and threw fiberglass particles over a half-kilometer.

The report follows (translated using Google Translate):

Borchen / Paderborn (Gudrun Ponta / nh). 

Two rotors of a new ENERCON E-115 wind power plant in the district of Paderborn are torn to pieces and cause extensive contamination with innumerable sharp-edged glass fiber particles.

At 7pm on March 8th, two rotors of a brand-new ENERCON E-115 wind turbine were completely torn apart – the parts flew over 500m.

Neither builder ENERCON nor operator WestfalenWind have informed the public or the police after the incident, although there was danger to their lives due to flying debris. After an Ettelner citizen informed the police, the area around the damaged wind energy plant was cordoned off on a large scale.

The barriers of the accident site reached almost to Etteln . On March 6, the wings were mounted, the system was not connected to the mains. Obviously [it] overrun and the wings could not be stopped. It is said that the wings only turned at 19 km / h when they were torn to pieces.

ENERCON / WestfalenWind play down the incident – the rotors were merely “broken off” and dropped directly to the ground, it was said in first reports – how can it be that parts have flown over 500m? It is just a lucky coincidence that no one was injured in this spectacular accident of a brand new wind energy plant in Borchen-Etteln.

This latest incident again raises concerns about safety around wind turbines, particularly where turbines are located close to highways, as in Chatham-Kent-Essex.

UPDATE: Windpower Monthly has a newer version of the story, which may be found here. The wind industry publication notes that an anti-wind power citizens’ group has posted photos of the turbine failure, and claimed debris spread 800 metres—in fact, the group said 500 metres.





Government of Ontario ….. “no it didn’t!!!”

Pat Cusack

Is this unique to Niagara area. While a lot of fuss is being made about the cost of power and its subsidized selling price when produced by wind, has anyone noticed the hydro crews replacing poles. In our are they arrive about 9am start work about 10 am and usually install one pole and are gone about 2pm. I assume they are put up in motels and fed 3 meals a day or more and usually have 3 heavy trucks and one pickup. Some of these linemen made over $100,000. a year. Wonder how one gets on the pole a day crew. Bernie


Its all about safety there Pat…..


Wow Sommer they even go as far as using the word “nazism”…. again the liberal government of Ontario knows better… this couldnt happen here because…. well it just wont in their eyes….. somewhat like the pheonix payroll system Australias government put in place that was a total failure… so our government in their great wisdom signed on for the same payroll system…. why??? Because the liberal government knows that there will be a different result here in Ontario!! Same with blighted Ontario lamdscapes…. infrasound… contaminated water auquifers….. dead endangered species…. economical ruin for the people…. did i miss anything???

Wind Concerns Ontario

This is completely off topic but the fact is, the Phoenix pay system was initiated under the Harper government, but implemented under the Trudeau government.


Yes completely off topic but par for the course.. . My point was governments failing to take action once an error occurs…. ignoring the problem only makes it worse…

like CK water well contamination…
Infrasound sickness….
Inaliation of endangered species….
Skyrocketing hydro rates….
And on and on and on….

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