Energy Minister: defending the indefensible

Sell this, Bob
Sell this, Bob

Bob Chiarelli’s letter to the Editor to the June 1st edition of the Toronto Star is interesting. The minister attempts to defend the sale of Hydro One, a public asset, and to bolster his government’s reputation as economic steward of Ontario.

You have to laugh. You can’t do anything else.

Mr. Chiarelli’s closing paragraph reads as follows. Errors are his, a Minister of the Crown.

Broadening the ownership of Hydro One will strengthening [sic] the company’s long-term performance and generate billions for needed investments in critical infrastructure* across Ontario. Our approach will generate billions to invest in much needed infrastructure that does not come from tax increases, program cuts or borrowing. And our plan will create more than 110,00 [sic] jobs each year and help grow our economy.

Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy, Queen’s Park

Meanwhile, Ontario has contracted for billions of dollars worth of wind power we don’t need (and is asking for proposals for more wind power development this year) with unstudied economic impacts.

No need to wonder why we have a messed up electricity system and a province deeply in debt with people like this at the helm.

©Parker Gallant, June 2, 2015

*Editor’s note: By “critical infrastructure” he means transit. For the urban centres. And only some.

The opinions expressed are those of the author and do not represent Wind Concerns Ontario policy.


John Vincent

How can you export a second and third rate product which is what wind and solar eneregy is. Putting in a cable is not going to make the customer (the US) buy more of our product when its a bad product. We will be paying them to take more of our second rate power off our hands. Where’s the benefit in that? The cable owner will certainly be making more on transmission charges which is the developers benefits, not the people of Ontario.


Ontario’s conventional power supply is also part of the deal.

The contract with PJM includes a provision that a dependable supply of electricity can be supplied from Ontario for a guaranteed period of time something in the range of 3 full days running as I recall.


There is an IESO board member who is also a ITC board member.

Very convenient arrangement?


I think he wants to go to the LEADERSHIP AWARDS DINNER with Kathleen Wynne on June 22.2015 at the Royal York Hotel..
Note Look at the sponor list and you can see how the Ontario Tax payer is getting shafted for profit. No honour here.


It genuinely frightens me to see who is ‘at the helm’ in this province.

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