Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller: not about to bite the hand that feeds him

Parker Gallant has posted this on the Energy Probe blog, dealing with the Ontario Environmental Commissioner’s annual report. While Mr Gord Miller made a great show at his news conference of castigating the Ontario government for riding roughshod over environmental protection regulations, even going so far as to say “It isn’t quite the Wild West yet…” the actual content of his report reveals his utter devotion to his government masters’ intention to defile Ontario’s environment to benefit big business.
  He even goes so far as to congratulate the government for the removal of the Bald Eagle nest near Middlesex to accommodate a wind power project.
  Going even farther, he wanders blithely into quicksand as he discusses infrasound:  

Gord Miller, the Commissioner, seems intent on venturing into areas where he is out of his depth. As an example he opines on infra-sound after outlining the following on Page 188 of the supplement:
In December 2012, two applicants requested that the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) review the need for new regulations to govern the levels of low frequency noise and infrasound emitted by industrial wind turbines. The applicants asserted that low frequency noise and infrasound from wind turbines have caused health problems in residents living nearby, and that O. Reg. 359/09 under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), which regulates the placement of turbines, is inadequate at addressing these issues as it is based only on audible noise.”

Visiting pages 192 and193 discloses that Commissioner Miller is not about to bite the hand that feeds him his “sunshine list” salary. The comments from the Commissioner fully support the denial by the MOE:

The ECO agrees with MOE’s decision to deny the applicants’ request, since conducting a reviewwould duplicate previous and ongoing studies on this topic.” and then goes on to state,
 “The Ontario government has already conducted and commissioned reports on the human health impacts of wind turbine noise (including low frequency sound and infrasound), and these reports have concluded that there is no direct link.” and the one that stands out in the “supplement” notes, (presumably with the Commissioner’s blessing) says:
 Further, there is no scientific evidence to date that vibration from low frequency wind turbine noise causes adverse health effects.

Commissioner Miller’s bio indicates he received an “Honorable Bachelor of Science degree in Biology” and a “Master of Science degree in Plant ecology” so one must wonder why he would issue such a firm opinion when his education clearly doesn’t reflect his ability to opine on either infra-sound or the effects on our health!

Perhaps he is simply “sucking up” to his boss? 

Read the entire critique at the Energy Probe site.

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