Environmental Review Tribunal issues stay against turbine construction near Wainfleet

The Environmental and Lands Review Tribunal has issued a stay against the construction of two industrial-scale wind turbines near Wainfleet, Ontario.

Precedent setting decision stops wind turbine construction

TORONTO, Dec. 12, 2013 /CNW/ – The Environmental Review Tribunal of Ontario has ordered a stay preventing the construction of two industrial wind turbines in Wainfleet, Ontario.
The motion, decided by Executive Chair Lynda Tanaka who oversees the ERT, OMB and three other tribunals, temporarily stops the construction of two turbine towers during the appeal of the Ministry of the Environment’s approval of the project. The Appellants, Skydive Burnaby Inc. and the company’s co-owner Mikel Pitt, argue the turbines are too close to their skydiving school.
“We’re so relieved,” said Pitt, “This project is a real threat to our business and the Tribunal appears to have recognized that at this early stage.”
The Appellants’ lawyer, Eric Gillespie, has argued a number of Industrial Wind Turbine appeals in Ontario.  Gillespie said, “this is a precedent setting decision, it’s the first time a stay has been ordered during a Renewable Energy Approval appeal. We’re very pleased for our clients.”
Gillespie’s associate, lawyer Ian Flett remarked, “the Tribunal gave all the parties a fair opportunity to make our cases, we’re happy with the result”.
The hearing of the main appeal is scheduled to begin January 6, 2014 in Wainfleet, Ontario.
SOURCE Eric K. Gillespie Professional Corporation

For further information: Ian Flett at 416-703-7034 or iflett@gillespielaw.ca


Dave Germain

tell my why they should not be approved?

crickets chirping


To name a dew reasons:
1) because we don’t need the little power they will generate and we will be paying huge subsidies to the wind companies even when they don’t produce
2) there is absolutely NO scientific evidence that the NET impact on the environment is positive (there has never been a NET cradle to grave analysis of these projects)
3) they put them too close (within 550m of people’s homes) and there is NO MEDICAL EVIDENCE that they are safe – all the so-called evidence is based on lab work with machines and assumptions. And if you don’t believe this ask yourself why, in all this time, there has NEVER been a study of people living in the shadow of these monstrosities that shows no negative health affects – all studies done show negative affects.
4) They put them on agricultural land with NO scientific evidence that the vibration of these monstrosities will not result in compaction and loss of productivity – don’t forget that vibration is used to force out air in concrete when setting.

Dave Germain

maybe you should look at the real culprit to human health and go after coal, oil, gas and chemicals.


Really? First, can you give me the scientific evidence that coal harms health? I’ve found no hard evidence of it. A bunch of doctors put out a report about how coal plants kill people with NO supporting evidence and people think that makes it a fact. It doesn’t, it merely shows how easy it is to fool the scientifically illiterate – which is likely in excess of 95% of the population! And while I agree that chemicals can be a threat to human health and drinking oil and gas cause health problems
your blanket statement implying that they are actually the real problem ignores that fact that coal, oil and gas are not driving people from their homes because of decreasing health issues (maybe because governments doesn’t put coal, oil and gas plants in people’s back yards). There are real health issues caused by the inappropriate siting of IWTs and there is growing evidence worldwide of the problems. Your statement is a red herring because there are valid health issues created by siting industrial wind turbines too close to people’s homes and where they spend considerble time and they should not be ignored because there are problems elsewhere. This is a fallacious argument..

And as a researcher I find it interesting that in spite of the number of years that complaints have been growing while industry says there is no problem, there has not been one health study of the people living within a ten mile radius of these industrial wind complexes that provides evidence
that they do not cause ill health. If they are so safe why is there no medical data to support this claim (and I do not mean lab studies based on instrument readings, assumptions and fudge factors!)?

If you’re going to take part in the discussion please educate yourself on the facts – not the propaganda.

Dave Germain

What a dumb person you are

Go suck on a spewing coal stack

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