Blackburn News, August 11, 2015

GDF Suez representatives are met with a vocal contingent of residents in Essex opposed to the company's proposed wind project. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

GDF Suez representatives are met with a vocal contingent of residents in Essex opposed to the company’s proposed wind project. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Essex council is making it clear it doesn’t want to see any more wind turbines in the town, rejecting a community benefit agreement for the Blue Sky Wind Project.

“We are not interested in any more windmills in our municipality,” says Ward 3 Councillor Bill Caixeiro to loud and long applause in council chambers Monday night.

Councillors even charged the company behind the project, GDF Suez, had paid for letters of support to be sent to council.

“There was no payment made for any letters of support,” says Bonnie Hiltz, government relations for GDF Suez. “They, I believe, were referring to letters of support for landowners who have voluntarily come forward to participate in the project.”

Hiltz is disappointed in council’s strong negativity towards the project.

“This is the very, very early stage of the project and so we’ve heard from residents that they want to be engaged and help inform the project as it evolves. That’s what we’re doing here, that’s what we’re doing with our public meetings,” says Hiltz.

Public meetings are scheduled for Tecumseh and Essex this week.

Essex residents like Anna Markett feel the company is trying to bully people into backing the project, “We’ve been hounded for the last three or four months.”

The Blue Sky Wind Project would have turbines mostly in Essex and into Tecumseh Township as well.



I hope that Essex Council will stand firm!

I wish that all communities who are saying “NO” to the wind companies would help the innocent victims in the communities where their paid and elected ‘leaders’ signed up as leaseholders themselves or claimed they were powerless to stop the wind companies from ruining their community.
These victims are still stranded. The money that the wind companies gave the community is not even being allocated to help victims who must suddenly seek refuge away from their homes.
This situation is absolutely wrong!
Why would Municipal leaders abandon their citizens whose lives have been so negatively impacted by turbines that they did not consent to having been sited so close to their homes?
In Huron County, K2 Wind surrounded homes with turbines! Innocent residents are having to deal with audible sound and infrasound radiation.
No one from the MOECC will produce the precise section of the study that was done to ascertain assurance that these people’s lives would not be negatively impacted for the next 20 years, if they do not abandon their homes.
Why is this STILL happening?


Maybe it would be better to move this project farther northwest right to the edge of Windsor?

Andre Lauzon

How many municipalities have to say NO before the bozos at Queen’s Park understand what the people want. If Wynne collects enough $$ with her “pension scheme” she may not need the Big Wind companies $$.
Slim chance!!!!


Then Windsor could become one of the greenest cities in Canada. How can Windsor afford to pass up such an opportunity?

ENGIE can just change the location on their application to Windsor. Don’t suppose IESO notices changes anyway?

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