Federal government to fund Windsor hum research

Another sound “annoyance” is being investigated more thoroughly due to federal government funding.

Federal government to fund Windsor hum research | Windsor Star:

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With a general idea of the “where,” pinpointing the mysterious “what” that’s causing the Windsor hum might become a reality thanks to some local research expertise and funding from the federal government.
On Monday, Bob Dechert, parliamentary secretary to Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, came to Windsor to announce the government’s plan to fund a $60,000 research project that will help figure out what is causing the strange l0w-frequency noise that has been plaguing the city’s west end since the spring of 2011.
“We want to protect citizens’ quality of life,” Dechert said. “This study is a step in the right direction.”

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Bob Smith

If we use Dr. Colby’s logic, a sound that nobody can hear, can’t possible cause anyone any problems, right? According to people like Mike Barnard, this is just another incident of mass hysteria brought on by the people who raise the issue and talk about it and get everybody riled up and then convince other people that it is “real”.
More evidence that low-frequency sound actually affect animals – including the human species.

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