First Monday business news on Sarnia wind power event

A disaster, Ontario’s economy in ruins, people’s personal wealth lost all for a “green” dream. That was the theme of the recent Sarnia event on wind power. Here is a detailed report from First Monday, business news.

Energy costs have doubled and will double again in the next five years.
   That’s the prediction of Parker Gallant, vice president of Wind Concerns Ontario. Gallant, a former banker and noted writer and speaker on the subject of renewable energy told several hundred people at the Imperial Theatre in Sarnia “the province is screwing around with something it knows little about”.
   Three anti wind turbine groups sponsored the town hall meeting; We’re Against Industrial Turbines – Plympton – Wyoming, Conservation of Rural Enniskillen and Middlesex Lambton Wind Action Group.
   Gallant says the Green Energy Act introduced by former premier Dalton McGuinty is killing Ontario’s manufacturing economy by doubling energy costs and forcing wind turbines on rural municipalities.
   “We see the impact everywhere” saying Gallant who told the audience he was “stunned” by the number of large empty industrial buildings along the 400 series highways between Toronto and Sarnia.  And he blamed “shortsighted” energy policies of past and present Liberal governments in Ontario.

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