Gilead Power sets sights on 10,000 hectares of land for wind power

Wind power means natural gas

Gilead Power, whose Ostrander Point project is stalled pending an appeal of the Environmental Review Tribunal decision rescinding approval of the project in a fragile environment in Prince Edward County (the company also has plans for a wind power project on Crown land in the Algoma region), is currently prospecting for willing landowners to lease land for another wind power project.
  According to the company’s website, the proposed Dorland project is in Greater Napanee. There is potential for 40-80 MW of wind power.
  With the addition of a new TransCanada natural gas power plant to the Lennox plant site, the Dorland project will be close to the REAL source of power for wind power facilities: natural gas.
  The company’s website is here.
   According to a joint presentation made earlier this year by the Professional Engineers of Ontario and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, “renewables currently use natural gas backup so they cannot achieve lower GHG emissions overall…low GHG emissions are only achievable economically with hydroelectric and nuclear generation.”
  See related story on the Lennox plant from the Toronto Star.


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