Globe and Mail: “Ontario’s energy fiasco”

Here from today’s Globe and Mail, a scathing review of Ontario’s energy management portfolio, which is a rather dignified way of describing a complete and total failure.

Globe editorial

Ontario is tilting at the wrong windmills

The Globe and Mail
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In Ontario, the generation and pricing of electricity have become a never-ending story of confusion, secrecy, illogic and rising costs. The only thing that can be banked on with certainty is the rising cost. Earlier this month, the Liberal government released its latest long-term energy plan, an attempt to water down the cost-escalation brought on by the 2009 Green Energy Act – the gift that keeps on cooling the provincial economy and warming the opposition at Queen’s Park. The government is now promising residential electricity rate increases of 9.6 per cent next year, 5.8 per cent in 2015 and 15 per cent in 2016. Ten years from now, the average family’s bill will be 50 per cent more than today.

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