Good times at Charter challenge fundraiser!

More than 100 people are gathering at this hour for the fundraiser for the Charter of Human Rights legal challenge, sponsored by SWEAR, S.T.O.P., and Central Huron in Clinton!
  Among the many special items auctioned were a golf bag, and Billy Beer from former MPP Bill Murdoch’s own brewery—the last bottle went for $100.
 Pictured are guests at the fabulous steak dinner, which followed a day of golf. Stephana Johnston of Norfolk and Helen Brimley of Ashfield.



What’s the main difference between this Golf Tourny and all the ones thrown by Wind Companies???

WE pay our own way!


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True and that was only one of a number of case point on “rights of a Canadian citizen” made by Mr. Falconer.
The “right to council”, since most law firms have a business to run, it is not always possible for legal council to be in the process of an ERT due to prior court and client scheduling
. The ERT panel basically told him “tough, we have 6 months and these dates, and that is what a citizen’s lawyer has to comply with in an ERT process, and we are not changing the dates due to the 6 months timeline.”
Well, didn’t Mr. Falconer politely and skillfully remind all councils and the ERT panel of the rights of his client to legal council, under the Charter, despite the set dates ( he was well prepared with full documentation regarding the dates and his business schedule). It now makes so much sense to have the council with the expertise, remember when some of the wind warriors were left without council in front of a ERT in the past?
Back to the original legal rights to council, Mr. Falconer stated that his client is not able to obtain a multi million dollar firm which can make any date set at any time by the ERT. The same was stated regarding the MOE lawyers who were paid by the province and could show up at anytime.
And off went the ERT panel for another consultation time-out. Anyone listening ( 18-25, including media and the I think I hard the Min. of Arg.) got a good sense that Mr. Falconer “owned” the room with his experience, skills, and quick articulate responses to law and the working of the Canadian legal system.
I “popped” down to Clinton to donate to the SWEAR case.

Unite and fight people, this is the real deal for the movement!
We have all asked why our rights have been thrown to the side, now the process will be exposed for its total lack of democracy. Finally!

In ten years of this insanity, the citizen’s rights came first at an ERT through the dedicated work by the Derran’s. SWEAR, and ALL wind warriors everywhere.

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