Green Energy Act number one worry for rural Ontario

Here is a report from Bayshore Broadcasting on its poll of issues that concern rural/small-town Ontario.

Wind Turbines a Concern for Rural Ontario

Sunday, January 26, 2014 2:41 PM by Fadi Didi
Bayshore Broadcasting poll reveals listeners and readers worried about Green Energy Act
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(Regional) -Bayshore Broadcasting News asked you what you think the biggest concern is for rural Ontario in 2014, and the Green Energy Act spun out at number one.

Thirty-six percent of respondents feel the Green Energy Act or environmental sustainability is a major worry for those living in the province’s country lands.

The poll results follow a year rich with wind turbine controversy, including 78 towns, municipalities, and counties declaring themselves unwilling to host turbines.

Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives refused to support the act, stating they would not support the GEA until a Health Canada study ruled winds turbine do not negatively effect health.

Just trailing the concern over Green Energy at thirty-three percent is the worry of employment opportunities in rural Ontario.

Respondents worried that the few jobs in country areas do not pay very well, and that even those jobs are scarce.

Farm revitalization and transportation improvement were of the least concern to respondents, each coming in at six percent.