Holding to our message with a new government

Looking ahead
Looking ahead

This is a day of disappointment for many in Ontario: it was the Liberal Party that brought large-scale wind power to Ontario, and which has used every means possible to realize the Party’s “green dream.” The party now has a majority government.

Throughout the election campaign, however, our message was clear: wind power is expensive and unreliable, it doesn’t replace coal, and the manner in which it has been forced upon Ontario communities is undemocratic. In fact,  all four of the main political parties agreed that the implementation of the Liberal government’s policy on wind power was full of errors, and needs improvement at a minimum.

We will hold to that message in the days ahead, and insist that the new Liberal government make good on its promises for a fairer process, and to make changes that allow communities a greater role in the siting of all power projects, including wind. We will also continue to point out that industrial-scale wind power is not an effective power generation option; it is high-impact for very low benefit.

While some may feel disappointment today, the reality is that great strides have been made over the past few years. Many members of the public are now aware of problems with industrial-scale wind power generation and how it has been forced upon unwilling Ontario communities, and that there are serious problems with many of the existing projects.

That is due to much hard work by many people, whose dedication to community and family is unquestioned.

We will never give up in our efforts to protect our communities, the natural environment, and the health of Ontario citizens.

Wind Concerns Ontario


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Ron Hartlen

Is it beyond the realm of possibility that the Premier could be briefed and educated to understand that:
1) Wind Power contributed essentially nothing to reducing Ontario’s coal burning for electricity production.
2) We are off coal now anyway.
3) Any successful development of storage (very expensive developments) could be just as well applied to overnight storage of Hydro and Nuclear
4) There are many negatives i.e. $ costs, environmental blight, depression of real-estate values, real medical effects etc.
5) So there are many generalized “costs” all for no environmental benefit.
If she could be briefed and educated to truly understand that she might act.

Wind Concerns Ontario

All of these issues have been brought forward to the Ontario Liberals, repeatedly. But we intend to continue.

Patti Kellar

It’s not over yet folks, not by a long shot. Keep your stick on your signs.

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