How much is your town worth? A school bus, you say?

How much is your town worth? A school bus, you say?

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(Caution: you may need to remember where you keep the Gravol when you read some of the remarks made in this news story.)
From Oklahoma, a heart-warming story of a wind developer’s beneficence.
Osage County wind farm developer donates school buses
SHIDLER, Oklahoma — The developers of a new wind farm in Osage County have donated two new school buses to a rural Oklahoma district.
TradeWind Energy delivered the new buses last week to Shidler Public Schools. The idea came about after a TradeWind official attended a Shidler school board meeting to share details of the planned Mustang Run wind project in Osage County, said Laurie Roberts, a spokeswoman for the Kansas-based company. But once there, TradeWind employee Aaron Weigel heard about the district’s aging bus fleet and the costliness of maintaining the vehicles.
“We strive to be active participants in the communities in which we develop, and we simply couldn’t look the other way,” Weigel said. “I attended a school that reminds me very much of this one, so I know what it’s like when a bus breaks down on a dirt road in February, 45 minutes into your hour-long ride.
“To be able to provide the district with some relief, while playing a role in transporting this precious cargo — we couldn’t think of a better Christmas gift,” Weigel said.
TradeWind is in the process of developing a 136-megawatt wind project in central Osage County, near Burbank. It’ll be the latest Oklahoma wind farm for TradeWind, joining the Chisholm View wind project in Garfield and Grant counties and Rocky Ridge in Washita and Kiowa counties.
According to The Examiner-Enterprise, ( ) TradeWind has committed to paying all costs associated with the lease of two buses to the Shidler district for three years.*
“I guess Santa’s sleigh is big and yellow in Osage County this year,” Shidler School Superintendent John Herzig said.
*Editor’s note: Because after that, suckers, we won’t care what you think of us, our turbines will be up and collecting subsidies!



So they’re so cheap they only leased the buses

Barry Bridgeford

“The Tribunal finds that the Appellants have not established that engaging in the Project as approved will cause serious harm to human health.” How can these tribunals have the audacity to deny the health impacts?

These IWT’s are strip-mining the wind. Each turning blade strips the energy from the wind and produces a turbulent spiral pattern of reduced wind pressure. This spiral turbulence is comprised of alternating regular wind pressure (from the empty spaces between the blades) and reduced wind pressure (from the ‘drag’ of the individual blades). This pattern of varying wind pressure has very long pressure wavelengths and is recognized as “’infrasound”.

The decibel levels (air pressure energy content) of this infrasound is far higher than that of the accompanying audible wavelengths. However, the government and IWT industry only address audible wavelengths, and claim that IWT’s do not produce any substantial infrasound. Since the IWT’s technically don’t produce infrasound in their nacelles or at their blade edges, the government and industry continue to claim that the turbines don’t produce any substantial levels of infrasound .. choosing to ignore the fact that the turbines do cause substantial infrasound to occur downwind of the units (by way of these turbulent spiral pattern of reduced wind pressure).

The government’s Green Energy Act and its continued disregard of both the occurrence of substantial levels of infrasound and the medical impacts of the infrasound on physiology, allows the IWT industry to continue erecting more and more turbines within detrimental proximity to people and their habitations.

In Ontario, as elsewhere, acoustical and medical science are being denied and selectively manipulated in the interests of politics, ideology and financial gain. Unfortunately, until the details of this outrage are publicly and politically recognized for what they are, the perpetrators will blithely continue to proliferate and profit, while digging themselves into deeper eventual liability. Hopefully the tide will soon turn, retribution will be dealt upon them and the outcome will serve as a reminder to politicians, voters and industries alike to be more diligent in their individual responsibilities.

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