How to save $500 a year on hydro bills: cancel wind

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Parker Gallant has put up a list of recommendations on his Energy Perspectives blog which he says, if they were enacted by the  Wynne government, would save the average Ontario electricity customer $500 a year.

Chief among them is the cancellation of wind power contracts — the older ones that have missed or are about to miss key contract dates — and halting the new Large Renewable Procurement II process, which is, incredibly, still set to begin next year.

As an example of contracts that could be cancelled, the Amherst Island project for 26 turbines on the tiny island, where migratory birds stop over and Bandings turtles live, has no hope of meeting its Commercial Operation date. Cancelling it would save Ontario $500 million.

Cancelling the wind power contracts and the next bid process would stem the tide of surplus power, which Ontario sells at “fire sale prices” Gallant claimed recently in a radio interview on CFRA, and save millions.

So would cancelling Ontario’s egregious conservation program in which customers are urged (shamed?) by a comprehensive advertising campaign to cut back on electricity use. The campaign costs $300 million a year and what happens when consumers do cut back? (As we have.)  The rates go up anyway.

Good advice.

We’ll see if the Wynne government is actually interested in positive action and in helping people.



saving the moon

Yes, we will see.
I believe an immediate moratorium on ALL power projects; wind, solar and water would really show she has taken her head out of the sand and cares about the Ontario tax payer.
But, I won’t hold my breath.


I hope she holds her breath. If she doesn’t, she will fall flat because of where her head is.

Pat Cusack

You and me both, saving the moon!

Chris Arscott

The question of the day is. How much do we charge MICHIGAN for the delivery of the power we give them. plus the charge for line loss.


Michigan power companies do not directly buy power from Ontario.They are not in the transmission business.

There is a middleman transmission company that buys the power and then sells it to Michigan electric power companies.

Maybe this information might be found in Michigan Public Service Commission records where power costs might be broken down into segments ?


You want to talk to turdbine buddies friend BBB.. BBB can explain how the whole scam works…..


One means of making Ontario ZERO CARBON is to begin with urban areas/cities.

This could be happening in Ottawa?



IESO > Search > Zibi

‘Ontario Smart Grid Forum’, PDF, April 27, 2015

Rose Danko

from the start, and I know nothing of business and big money, and can scarcely manage my own thanks in part to hydro costs, but if these companies were not paid huge subsidies to build these atrocities we would not be having thjis discusion, as we all know ..including those in government this is all about making money and nothing else


It’s about the government squandering our wealth and our future…. no one thought about the trickle down effect… and it’s all ok because it’s not my problem…. anyone you call Hydro None… IESO. …. OEB. …. MPPs . MPs ….premier Wynnd. ….. Justin Treadeau….. all say it’s not them it’s the other guys…. try it…. start at hyrdo one and see the loop you do trying to find someone to talk about overpriced hydro….

Not I said the little pig… try the rabbit
Not I said the little rabbit. … try the turtle….
Not I said the turtle…. try the bear….
Not I said the bear… try…..
On and on and on and on!!!!!

No wonder there’s gonna b civil unrest out here in the country!!!


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