Hundreds ask questions in Southgate on Samsung wind plant

Dundalk meeting: community has questions, Samsung has no answers

Plenty of questions: Samsung has no answers

Hundreds gathered last evening in the Dundalk Arena to hear speakers on the proposed Samsung wind and solar project which will see 56 giant turbines in the Southgate community, and 400 acres of land covered with solar arrays.

A report from a member of the Southgate community:

The speakers; Dr. Ross McKitrick, [Realtor] Mike McMurray and Barb Ashbee were eloquent and informative. There was an all too short question and answer period after the presentations. Most were directed to the 4 representatives from Samsung or Pattern Energy whose pat answers were “we don’t have that information” or “we can get that information to you”. Laughter ensued when, after several questions, it was evident that the audience knew more numbers or information than Samsung/Pattern Energy knew or were willing to give and/or purposely misunderstood the question thereby giving an answer that had nothing at all to do with the question.
 All but one council member was present (he had a previous work commitment which he did communicate at last week’s council meeting) and the mayor. 
Council meets this Wednesday March 26 to determine whether to have an official comment period for the community, and to discuss revisions to the Southgate agreement. Under the terms proposed by the giant corporation, Southgate will reap benefits of less than 1/2 of one percent, and be left with the expense of decommissioning the whole project at the end of 20 years. Samsung also proposes cash payments for the power project in exchange for building permits, road access and other items “without limitation.”

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