Huron County to debate Not a Willing Host

There will be a presentation and discussion October 9th in Goderich Ontario, as to whether Huron County will declare itself to be Not a Willing Host to wind power generation projects.
  1 Courthouse Square, at 9 a.m.
  Will this be number 70 on the list of Ontario, Not a Willing Host communities??



Good Luck Guys.
There is sure to be a showing from the leaseowners on council and in the stands.
Like Ben & Marianne Van Defenbeak..Reeve of ACW……..Francis and Barb Hogan, Lawrance and Marianne Hogan …Neil Rintol…deputy of ACW……Mr Ginn .Deb Shewfelt ‘The Mayor “butcher by trade” of Goderich’ .Ben Miltonburg and Don and Marilon Miltonburg…to mention a few…..all leaseholders and set to make millions from the bad neighbourhood plan for 140 + Industrial wind turbines in Huron County and retire to ‘not the country’!
Roll on 2014 elections!

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