Huron County turbine noise investigation paused, not dead says Board of Health

Huron Board of Health Chair Tyler Hessel says more information is needed

Thursday, May 26, 2016 4:44 AM by Peter Jackson

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(Huron County) -The Chair of the Huron County Board of Health says a study on the perceived health effects of wind turbines is not necessarily dead.

As we told you yesterday, the group Concerned Citizens for Health suggested the study was likely killed, and not just suspended.

Board of Health Chair Tyler Hessel says additional information is needed before the study can move ahead.

He tells Bayshore Broadcasting News that the Board is waiting for a staff report on additional information.

Hessel says questions were raised at the Board’s most recent meeting on May 12th that need to be answered.

One of the Board’s concerns is the possible duplication of other studies that are being done, including one the province is conducting in Grey-Bruce.

Hessel mentions that the Board need to be sure it’s following provincial guidelines properly.

He says the Board couldn’t make a final decision on how to proceed with the study, partly because members hadn’t seen a report that had been released publicly and they needed to get up to speed on the document’s contents.

A major consideration Hessel points to, is the cost of the study.

He says it wasn’t contained in the Board of Health budget, and members need to know the exact cost before moving forward.




Mayor of Bluewater Tyler Hessel is in “damage control mode”…..and hoping for a slow, quiet death of this local health investigation.

Hessel and the BOH are coming up with every plausible excuse under the sun to stop a much needed local, HEALTH investigation of Huron County residents and kick responsibility to the province or the MOECC that have a LONG track record of doing NOTHING….let alone transparency that was promised in this HCHU investigation by Dr. Owen.

Raw Data was to be available seasonally…unlike the Health Canada study which has still not been released!!!! It was to be a year long, on going survey that people could submit daily to determine trends with atmospheric conditions, power output etc.

This investigation survey is already developed and of minimal if any cost for phase 1. Only if a pattern were evident to suggest a health concern would they proceed to “Phase 2” which would be infra-sound testing in homes.

There is no legitimate excuse for them to suddenly have reservations. When they “dismissed” Dr. Janice Owen, they assured residents the investigation would proceed as planned. The BOH and others….the province, wind industry etc. are doing all they can to squash this investigation before it begins. They have “fear” it may show something.

Hessel did a CTV News interview with Scott Miller (attached). where he basically admits that it WAS politics.

There was “fear” and they had too many questions and something about a “new leadership fundamental or idea” that the BOH had “fear” about?

Is Hessel suggesting that the “new leadership fundamental or idea” is the Green Energy and Economy Act? Is the BOH fearful of retaliation from the province? Hessel mentioned that the health units receive 75% of their funding from the province and if they find anything, Hessel feared the HCHU would be “on the hook financially”.

Is Hessel confirming that POLITICS trumps a population HEALTH investigation when there is a “new leadership fundamental” idea?

This needs to be a wake-up call to ALL people in Ontario (city folk alike) that whenever there is a political agenda, whatever it may be, their families health may come secondary to the larger politically correct/ narrative, policy agenda.


I fully agree. This is a delay tactic. If there was an effective study being done in Grey Bruce that would bring about the necessary changes as quickly as possible to protect residents who have turbines too close or whose homes are surrounded with a cluster of turbines, then people should have been informed about this long ago.

This delay tactic forces the more than 30 families who have members, for whom they are seeking protection because they are being adversely affected by noise, low level sound modulations and infrasound radiation to an even longer exposure than they have already been subjected to. They have no other recourse if they want to live in their homes.
This is frightening!

Pat Cusack

This is terrible, unacceptable situation! Unbelievable, really.


This May 24, 2016 update from the HCHU site:

Wind turbine investigation
Please check this page for updates as they become available.

May 24, 2016

The investigation into potential health effects of wind turbines by the Huron County Health Unit is on pause until further notice.

March 8, 2016:

The Huron County Health Unit will be investigating the concerns of some citizens regarding potential health effects of wind turbines, in keeping with our legislative duty to investigate potential population health hazards.

This investigation is only open to Huron County residents. You must provide a 911 address or street address to register for the investigation. Rural route addresses will not be accepted.

We want to hear from Huron County residents who live close to wind turbines. We want to hear from those who are, and those who are not experiencing health concerns, as information from Huron County residents not experiencing symptoms is also useful.

We will not be contacting anyone until May 2016 when we launch the survey.

If you wish to participate in the investigation please complete registration for the survey using the link below.

If your address is in Huron County, you will be contacted in May 2016 when the survey is launched.


Huron County residents who do not have internet access can register for the paper version of the survey by calling the Huron County Health Unit at 1.877.837.6143 or 519.482.3416.

I don’t live in Huron County, can I participate?
• No, only Huron County residents can participate in the investigation. If you lived in Huron County near a wind turbine for a period of time but have since moved, please call the Health Unit to discuss your possible participation.

When will the investigation start?
• We will launch the survey in May 2016.

I don’t have internet access, how will I complete the online survey?
• A paper version of the online survey will be made available in May 2016. Participants without internet access can register by calling the Huron County Health Unit at 1.877.837.6143 or 519.482.3416.

How long will the investigation take?
• We do not have an end date for the investigation. Phase One, the survey, will take one year to collect data.

Will anyone be able to find out if I participate in the investigation?
• No. We will not be releasing names of individuals who participate in the investigation. No group emails will be sent to participants. Only aggregate (grouped) results will be released.

When will results from the investigation be available?
• Results will be made available throughout the investigation. During Phase One results from the survey will be analyzed seasonally and made available to the public.


Sommer, if there was an effective health investigation being done in Grey Bruce or anywhere else then all these area municipalities would not have passed resolutions supporting this investigation:

The Corporation of the Municipality of West Grey Resolution No. 103-16 to The Huron County Board of Health Re: Municipality of West Grey supports the resolution of the Huron County Health Unit requesting the Acting MOH to conduct investigation into possible health problems of residents living in close proximity to Industrial Wind Turbines in Huron County – dated March 21, 2016.

The Municipality of Central Huron Resolution No. 119-16 to The Huron County Board of Health Re: The Municipality of Central Huron supports the Huron County Health Unit Investigation into health complaints from residents living near Industrial Wind Turbines – dated March 21, 2016.

The Corporation of the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie letter to The Huron County Medical Officer of Health Re: Supporting Investigation into Health Complaints from Residents Living near Industrial Wind Turbines – dated March 30, 2016.

Township of Wainfleet letter to the Huron County Medical Officer of Health Re: Resolution of Support – Investigation of Health Complaints Re: Turbines – dated March 29, 2016.

The Municipality of Kincardine Resolution #04/06/16-04 Re: Huron County Health Unit Investigation into Health Complaints from Residents Living Near Industrial Wind Turbines – dated April 6, 2016.

Town of South Bruce Peninsula letter to Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr. Janice Owen Huron County Health Unit Re: Investigation of Potential Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines – dated April 6, 2016.

Justifiably pissed off

“On pause” Ha! There goes the word game again. Liberals are nothing but a bunch of liars. I expect there is no intention whatsoever to do this study.
Wynne is nothing but a spineless fool – flip flopping to whatever way the wind blows.


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