IESO tries to justify wind power contracts in CBC interview

Spokesman says process is fair and transparent, but Ontario mayors say they’ve been betrayed.

March 16, 2016

CBC Ottawa’s host of the afternoon show All In A Day yesterday interviewed  spokesperson Shawn Cronkwright for the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) on the backlash to the recent contract award announcement.

“How do you justify putting wind power projects into communities that don’t want them?” asked Alan Neal.

The answer is interesting.

Even better is the IESO answer to the question, is there anything communities can do now? The Renewable Energy Approval “provides communities to make comment,” the IESO’s Cronkwright said.

“But getting people to comment isn’t the same as addressing concerns,” said Neal.

“I understand the concern, but that’s not how the regulatory process works,” said Cronkwright. (Oh, we know, we know.)

Then he said, concerns have resulted in changes to wind power project and even, in some cases, halting of a project.

This is absolutely stunning: the IESO is pointing to the appeals of Renewable Energy Approvals, which are funded by Ontario taxpayers struggling to protect their health and environment from their own government, as proof the system works! No mention of the fact that the appeal process and indeed all the legislation was crafted with input from the wind power lobby so that, in the words of CanWEA lawyer at a hearing on Ostrander Point, “This [a successful appeal] was never supposed to happen.”


Listen to the March 15 podcast here.


Karen Breitbach

This is disgusting and of course if comes through from CBC who are drowned in green cool-aid and as we know is the pulpit to advance this thinking and rationalization.

Wind Concerns Ontario

With respect, we suggest you listen to the interview; the interviewer was very good, persistent, and didn’t let Mr Cronkwright get away with bureaucratic bafflegab.


Alan Neal clearly did some research before tackling this interview, unlike other CBC types like Anna Maria Tromonti who continue to blindly promote, love and get all gooey over wind turbines.

Shawn Cronkwright’s strategy was simple: begin every sentence with “so” and end with “upspeak”, that way the listeners will believe every word of your blather. Not.


I agree. This was unusual for CBC. I stopped watching/listening several years ago because the lies enraged me. I tried as did many others to tell them that they needed to do more thorough research…to no avail.
I listen on occasion just to hear the distortions to the truth on major stories, so that I know what the general public is being told and can figure out how to get through to them with the truth.
I’ve thanked Neal and filled him in on many details of why so many communities are ‘unwilling hosts’.

Wind Concerns Ontario

Excellent response. We were impressed with Mr Neal because in the main, his focus is on entertainment and not “heavy” issues, but he certainly had a grasp of this one, or his producers did. The awareness tide is turning! Note that he mentioned the danger to wildlife several times.

Grant Church

It’s just more out of sync power that will either be exported for nothing or paid to sit idle. The IESO should be well aware of this.


Ontarians are dealing with a UN – UNEP agenda and those who are making money off form this.

Is it any surprise that rural Ontarians are upset with what is taking place? After all it’s the rural Ontarians who are and will bear the brunt of this.

John Arnaud

Great interview by Alan Neal,
I’m thankful that Mr Neal is asking tough questions –
However, it doesn’t appear to matter. People don’t seem to have a choice. if one disagrees with the placement of wind turbines in their neighbourhoods – or are concerned about health or environmental concerns. The only option they have is to move to another neighbourhood. That isn’t right. That’s not how we operate in OUR country.
These wind turbines are not ‘green.’ They are not ‘naturalist’ solutions. And they have been PROVEN to cause more problems than they address.

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