Infrasound chamber developed at U Waterloo

A team has created a special chamber in which infrasound can be produced, in the hopes of aiding accredited health researchers.

March 12, 2018

Richard Mann, assistant professor on Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, has informed Wind Concerns Ontario of a new development:

“We have successfully produced infrasound, as a mirror of that produced by Industrial Wind Turbines, in a chamber capable of accommodating a human test subject. This will permit others, with appropriate medical training and ethical oversight, to research the effects of infrasound on humans.”

In a PDF document with details on the project, he provides the rationale.

A significant number of people, who live in proximity to Industrial Wind Turbines, complain about a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. They believe these symptoms are caused by Infrasound produced by these Turbines. Some of these symptoms include, but are not limited to, nausea, tinnitus, sleep deprivation,

vertigo, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and other ailments, which to them, have a profound impact on quality of life.

Sadly, both the wind industry, and governments, have not responded to these concerns in any meaningful way, and those affected are given little if any support.

Some have actually had to leave their homes and have endured financial distress as a result.

Countless others continue to suffer with little hope for relief. To profoundly add to their distress, many are met with the inference that these problems are “all

in their head (Crichton et al, 2014; Chapman 2015).

“There is a genuine need to study human thresholds and/or response to infrasound exposure systematically and reliably in a lab setting,” Mann says.

“Our motivation for this project was based on the need for tools, to allow others with appropriate medical training and ethics approval, to move forward with this research.”


Read the document here:


Mike Jankowski

Congratulations and thank you to Richard Mann and team. A very important development. I hope, but am not aware if any doctor had requested this. I find myself wondering why this was not employed rigorously prior to the mass propagation of wind turbines. I hope to see this device featured in a number of impactful studies.

Wind Wraith

May I suggest the first test subjects???? McGuinty, Smitherman, and Wynne. Put them in the chamber, turn it up and walk away. Just like they have done to all the neighbours of wind turbines.


Thank you Richard Mann, for stepping forward in this way!
Will whoever comes forth to proceed with this project be given ethical approval to use human test subjects?

Jackie Girard

This is an excellent development, Richard Mann. Might I suggest a test subject? Dr. David Colby who is the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Chatham-Kent has been paid by both the Canadian and American Wind Energy Associations to tell people that there are zero harmful effects from industrial wind turbines. Put him in the booth with a big jug of Chatham-Kent black water and see what happens. 🙂


A few more lab rats to add to the list:
Dr. Malcom Locke, Chief Medical Officer of Haldimand-Norfolk Health, Dalton McGuinty, Mike Crawley-former President of the Federal Liberal Party-CEO of Aim Powergen wind turbine development in Clear Creek, ON, Kathleen Wynne, Justin Trudeau.
My days of guinea pigging from living amongst the industrial wind turbines are over. I continue struggle with my health from the previous assault of low frequency noise. Just diagnosed yesterday with yet another serious disease. Mid 50’s here,


Thank you Richard. Your intelligence. hard work and dedication, is much appreciated.

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