Interactive tool lets you build Ontario’s power system

Cold Air energy blogger Scott Luft has developed an interactive tool that lets you play with various scenarios to create a power system for Ontario.

The interactive tool is here and lets you try different supply mixes.

Fr the rest of the post, including more information on Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan, which Ontario residents are currently being invited to comment on, is here.

Ontario has its own interactive tool for planning the supply system, the difference being that changing supply results in more or less “pollution” while Cold Air’s tool lets you see how much your dream system will actually cost Ontario ratepayers.

What an interesting premise? A power system built on the most competitive, economical sources of power!



I don’t recall that cost-effectiveness and economic viability were ever variables in the Green Energy master plan. So an interactive tool like this would help design a better system — but I am sure that the ‘right’ people will not profit so of course, like any other application of common sense to government policy, the strategy will be ignored.

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