Jerry Agar: backing wind without care for environment, taxpayers

Here from the Toronto Sun, an opinion on the Ontario government and so-called “environmentalist” organizations, and their support for large-scale wind power. The entire article is here

Turtles, not known for ferocity, have won a battle in Ontario. The battle is an important hill won in the war for a sensible energy policy in Ontario. Their enemy is a coalition of the Liberal government and radical environmentalists.
   If the green energy movement wasn’t so costly and ineffective, even in its own stated purpose, it would be more amusing than it is to watch various factions try to co-ordinate their conflicting issues. That’s where the turtles come in.
   In Ontario, turtle-saving environmentalists have trumped wind turbine-building environmentalists, sparking a debate over which is the “true” environmentalist.
Governments have embraced inefficient technologies and wasted billions on failed green energy products to — they say — provide a sustainable future, even though most of the results show that it costs too much and doesn’t achieve the environmental returns promised.
   Across the globe, nations are realizing wind and solar promises were a lot of hot air blown in the sunshine, and are backing away from financially supporting those losing projects.
But in Canada green still holds a lot of sway with politicians.
   Ontario’s Liberal government in particular has backed green energy without a care to the costs to the taxpayers and ratepayers or the communities affected by the contentious wind turbines. They have forced the turbines onto local communities with no consultation with local authorities and residents.

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