Letter to Energy Minister Chiarelli: where is the missing $20 mil?

Where is the $20 mil? Millions of electricity customers want to know
Where is the $20 mil? Millions of electricity customers want to know

Parker Gallant has written to Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli.

Dear Minister Chiarelli:

Re:  Electricity Distributors Association AGM, March 8-9, 2015

I just had occasion to read the March 9, 2015 speech delivered by Bruce Campbell, CEO of IESO, which recently merged with the Ontario Power Authority.  One of the issues that caught my eye in his speech was where he spoke about the dollars that would be saved as a result of the merger.  Specifically he stated:

But by streamlining the support functions within the two companies, reducing overall staff, executive and Board numbers, we will be able to reduce our ongoing revenue requirement by $5 million annually.

That part of his speech set my mind to remembering back to when Chris Bentley sat in the chair you now occupy and he made an announcement about the merger but the press release put out at that time said:

The new agency would eliminate duplication and save ratepayers up to $25 million a year.

As a ratepayer I would like to know whatever happened to the missing $20 million?  For that amount you could have purchased five “Timmies” for each of us.

If you could please take the time to enlighten me and the other 4.5 million ratepayers on what happened to the missing money it would be greatly appreciated.

Parker Gallant


Peter black

Parker if you get an answer I will eat my shirt

Parker Gallant

Chiarelli will bring the dessert; humble pie!


Now, now, Parker. He did say “up to”. It just wasn’t very far up.


Parker Gallant, thank you for taking time to try and get some answers from this corrupt Liberal government. I am afraid it was a waste of time, though. If you really believe that you will get an “honest” answer or any answer at all, (for that matter), then you are living in a dream world. Whenever a Liberal opens their mouth a lie comes out and they don’t really care how the people feel about their policies. As long as they can do whatever to whomever, to stay in power, that is their ONLY objective.


Isn’t the objective to find out what they have said and are now saying?


Bravo, Parker for never giving up your dedication to this cause.

There are far too many who only look for a reason to criticize and so few who, like you, are prepared to do the hard slogging through the fraudulent underbrush which is the explosion of Industrial Wind Turbines [IWTs] in rural ON.

I’m sure every Victim of IWTs is most grateful

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