Looking for truth in Ontario’s “complex electricity system”

Energy Minister Chiarelli can't get out of the electricity system maze---especially when the numbers are changing
Energy Minister Chiarelli can’t get out of the electricity system maze—especially when the numbers are changing

Disappearing data on electricity prices is worrying

The Ontario Auditor General’s report released last week blasted the Energy Ministry for the Smart Meter debacle and then blasted them for the lack of data feeds.   It now appears that we have another problem with data related to the market price found on the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) website as I discovered.

Here’s what happened: the first data point I looked at was the IESO website page, “Power Data” at 12:18 AM, December 13, 2014. It told me that the highest On-peak rate up to early morning on December 13,  2014 was $643.00 (64.3 cents/kWh) as per the following (taken from that page):

Monthly HOEP Peaks

On Peak
8 a.m. to 8 (M-F)
643.00 $/MWh
December 2014

Now, just a few days ago I reported that on hour 18 of December 4, 2014, the Hourly Ontario Electricity Price or HOEP had climbed to $986.76 (98.7 cents/kWh), so I decided to visit another IESO page that carries daily, weekly and monthly summaries.   This is what the Daily Summary sheet for December 4 2014 said.



Energy Prices ($/MWh) DAILY ON PEAK OFF PEAK


Ave Max Min Ave Max Min Ave Max Min


HOEP 94.18 986.76 10.24 131.42 986.76 22.17 19.68 60.14 10.24


The “Daily Summary” gave me hope that the posting on the “Power Data” page was simply an input error.  I decided to confirm that by going to the HOEP report for December 4, 2014.   Imagine my surprise when hour 18 on December 4, 2014 indicated that the peak in that hour was changed to $489.27 (48.9 cents/kWh).   Here is the statistic on that hour taken directly from the report.




What does this mean? The IESO (ADMIN) decided the HOEP peak for the month of December that occurred on December 4, 2014 at hour 18 no longer exists.   The failed data interface in the electricity sector that the Auditor General pointed out about the “smart meters” and the “smart grid” seems to be spreading.

I am confident that our Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli would simply brush my observation aside by suggesting that, as he said in the legislature, “The electricity system is very complex, it’s very difficult to understand.”

Perhaps Bob will pick a time to sit down with me over a “Timmies” coffee and attempt to explain this one, but I sincerely believe it is too complex for him to understand, too.

©Parker Gallant,

December 13, 2014


Roy Merkley

Parker: Don’t ever kid yourself. The complexity and the ‘smoke and mirrors’ is intentional. If nobody can figure out what is really going on, then no one will be accountable.


SEDAR Filing

TransAlta Renewables Inc.
Annual Information Form for year ended Dec.31, 2013 & filed Feb.13, 2014

ICE STORM – Eastern Canada
The December 2013 ice storm caused some of TransAlta’s wind turbines to be shut down.
The impact was for 7-12 days. Result was lost production of 25.6 GWh and approx. $2.6 million.

Weather/storms do affect IWT electricity production which can last for days.

Andre Lauzon

Minister Bob admitted even some of his officers do not understand the electricity systems. They are the same officers that advise and inform the Minister on the electricity system. Poor AG; she does not stand a chance.


SEDAR Filing
Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.
Annual Information Form, Year Ended 2013 & Filed Mar.28, 2014

P.19: Ontario Hydro Electric Generation Facilities
Glen Miller, av. price electricity in 2013, $67.93/MWh
Umbata Falls, av. price electricity 2013, $78.02/MWh
Batawa, av. price electricity 2013, $68.65/MWh
Solar: Stardale Solar, LP, East Hawksberry TWP.
33.2 MW, Est. LT AV. Prod. 38,716 MWh, Av. Electricity 2013 $420/MWh, PPA 20 yrs.



SEDAR Filing
Pattern Energy Group Inc.
Audited Annual Information Statements – English, Filed Feb.28, 2014
Page 22 (near page bottom), #14
South Kent Wind Farm Power Purchase Agreement
Contract Capacity 270 MW, Term 20 yrs, @$135/MWh
Has been amended since that time but no details.

http://www.sedar.com, Company Profiles, or
Google, Pattern Energy Group Inc. Profile – SEDAR

There is more information in this section on the South Kent Wind project.

Greg Latiak

One suspects that the Enron shell game has worked well for the government and their supporters. And after all, obfuscation is a long established rule to cover up practices that best avoid the light of day. But then, the absence of any business case or even public-centered justifications for the ‘greed’ energy act was a dead giveaway that the goals were not the betterment of the Province.

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