Michigan turbines out of compliance: acoustics report

This story is interesting because of the acoustician’s findings and also, the opinion from Ontario’s own HGC and Brian Howe.

Safety of Wind Turbines

‘The only way you can build wind power in Michigan is to inflict harmful noise levels on people’

By Jack Spencer | Dec. 13, 2013

A 476 foot tall windmill stands 1,139 feet from the Shineldecker house in Riverton Township in Mason County.

Local officials and Consumers Energy are at odds over whether a wind plant located south of Ludington meets safety standards.
Those living close to the wind plant continue to be exposed daily to the turbines and their apparent negative impact on health and quality of life.
Allegations that Lake Winds Energy Plant has significant safety issues are not new. On April 1, area residents filed a lawsuit claiming noise, vibrations and flickering lights generated by the 56 turbine facility are adversely impacting their health. Dizziness, sleeplessness and headaches are among the symptoms noted in the lawsuit.
Less than six months later, on Sept. 12, Mason County’s Planning Commission determined that the wind plant is not in compliance with safety guidelines. That decision is being appealed to the Mason County Board of Appeals by Consumers Energy, which has a huge investment in the $250 million wind facility.
Two separate reviews support the planning commission’s contention that the wind plant is out of compliance.
One study was conducted by Rand Acoustics of New Brunswick, Maine, in June 2011, which was more than a year before the wind plant went into operation. It was prepared at the request of Cary Shineldecker, who lives near the wind farm with his family. Shineldecker is now among the Mason County residents involved in the lawsuit. He and his wife said they sleep in the basement of their house to escape from the turbine noise.

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