Minister Bradley responds to WCO: “no comment”

Following the closing arguments of the Environmental Review Tribunal based on the appeal of the wind power project at Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County, Wind Concerns Ontario wrote to the Minister of the Environment Jim Bradley on an issue of grave concern.
  The MoE lawyer, Ms Sylvia Davis, was heard to remark that the reports of ill health from the appellants’ witnesses were not to be given any weight because they are “psychogenic,”* she said. In other words, a government lawyer was inferring that the witnesses’ reports of health problems–which the Tribunal in its decision found “credible”–were simply the result of psychological stress.
  It was heart-breaking for those witnesses who gave up their time to testify and reveal their private suffering, to hear a government lawyer dismiss their situations in this way.
  In our letter to the Minister, we asked, is this government policy? To blame confirmed health problems on the victims’ own mental state?
  And how does this mesh with other well intentioned, taxpayer-funded initiatives to de-stigmatize mental health issues?
  We received a response, sort of, today. Here it is:

Dear Ms. Wilson:
I have received a copy of your email of June 26, 2013 about my ministry’s policy regarding wind turbine noise and health.
I recognize your interest in issues relating to the approval of the development at Ostrander Point.  As you know, the decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal is currently under appeal.  I hope you will understand that it would not be appropriate for me to comment on matters which are currently before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court.
Thank you for bringing your concerns to our government’s attention.
Yours sincerely,

Jim Bradley

 We will continue our fight to have the noise complaints that are registered by the hundreds followed up, and we will continue our fight to have the voices of the victims of wind turbine environmental noise heard.And we will continue the fight to halt the advance of these huge, noise-producing power generators that are completely inappropriate next to our homes and communities.

Jane Wilson

*This comes, of course, from a spurious paper by Chapman which alleges that there are no health problems, that people just worry themselves sick because they don’t like change.



“No comment due to litigation”……this will be the Liberal’s response to every single question asked of them when they announce an election………….when a Political party gets that deep into troubled waters there is only one way to go………..straight to “Davey Jones’ locker”!

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