MOECC refuses to reconsider appeal of Gunn’s Hill power project to save endangered bats


July 27, 2016

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is refusing to reconsider the situation at a Norwich Township wind power project, where it was acknowledged during the appeal last year that the endangered Little Brown Bat was present, and would die as a result of the presence of wind turbines.

The MOECC instead relies on its Renewable Energy Approval process and told the East Oxford Community Alliance in a letter that “post-construction protocols have been prepared in accordance with the MNRF guidelines. The applicant is required to conduct mortality surveys for a minimum of three years once the wind farm is operational.”

Local resident and Alliance member John Eacott told the Woodstock Sentinel-Review there isn’t much point in conducting surveys to find out how many animals you’ve killed, then trying to figure out how to fix the situation. The group had referenced the Environmental Review Tribunal decisions from  the White Pines appeal (Hirsch vs. the MOECC) and Ostrander Point in its filing with the MOECC, saying that the new understanding about the endangered bats was that there are so few of the animals left that any deaths will result in serious and irreversible harm.

The precautionary principle must be applied, as the government balances its renewable energy program with the need to protect the natural environment.

“You can’t have two sets of rules for different sites,” said Eacott.

Bird Studies Canada released a report earlier this month that showed an astounding number of bats are being killed by Ontario’s wind turbines — in fact, 77% of the bats killed by wind power projects in Canada, were in Ontario. The average was 18 bats killed per turbine. Prowind’s threshold for bat mortality is actually 10 bats per turbine, according to its Renewable Energy Approval.

The community group also wrote to the Environmental and Lands Review Tribunal demanding that the appeal be reopened. The Tribunal’s response was that the appeal date has passed and the group’s only recourse now is to go to Divisional Court.



Unbelievable…these people are nucking futz; they have taken over the destiny of every living thing in Ontario. God help us all.

Bruce Miller

The bats are not as important as human lungs and expanding radiation fears. Once again humanity has to choose. There are wind Turbines (‘savonius’ you google you see) that do less harm. Perhaps a petition totheappropriate governing bodies?

Wind Concerns Ontario

Not sure why you think any animal is expendable. However, perhaps you would like to know that bats are important for YOUR life: they are an important part of the ecosystem and in agriculture, play a valuable role in pest control. Fewer bats means more pesticide use, and higher food prices (plus pesticide residue in food). There may indeed be turbines that “do less harm” but the issue here is the ones already being built and planned, without regard for the natural environment. Which is what wind power is supposed to be fixing.


There are those who don’t understand the inter- relationships involved with renewable energy and their effects on one another.


Bruce Miller has it all figured out:

Put up the wind turbines, kill the bats and birds that feed on insects, insect related diseases (Encephalitis, Zika Virus, etc) increase, human health negatively affected, Bruce Miller screams: it’s because of climate change!!! and demands more wind turbines be built to save us all.

R Budd

What a ridiculous response Bruce Miller. Where does adding wind to On. grid equal benefit to human lungs? The gov’t Long Term Energy Plan shows a tripling of wind/solar by 2032 and an increased use of natural gas. People are actually burning more fossil/wood now to replace crazy expensive hydro.
And where do these “expanding fears of radiation” show up in the real world other than normal exposure from increased frequency of xrays, MRI’s and airline trips?
This past week, which was the hottest I’ve seen saw nuclear reliably producing the vast bulk (~57%) of generation while wind and solar pooped out at an intermittent ~1% each. Lots of heat related deaths and wildly high emissions if those reactors weren’t there.
Savonius turbines have been tried decades ago and failed for a long list of reasons. Zero future there for utility scale electricity. You should invest in one though and let us know how you make out in 10 years.

Andre Lauzon

In most cases I would be flabbergasted by such a moronic, stupid, asinine response but since it comes from one of the Ministry of Wynne’s Gov’t ……….. all is explained.


This Wynne government allows destruction of the environment. Nothing good or green in wind energy.
The wind lobby seems to be in power in Ontario.

Pat Cusack

She has to be the most despicable human being I have ever come across.


True scorpion folks… remember the story od the scorpion and the frog…. it’s in Wynnds nature….


Again…… grey energy act destroys the very thing that it designed to protect….. for profits…..


To the MOE and the MNR “protecting an endangered species” in a wind turbine project means picking up the carcasses and putting one in a museum, apparently, so we can remember what they once looked like.


Absolutely discraceful that the MOE and MNR are going to ignore the senseless slaughter of an endangered species or any species for that matter… I’m ashamed and embarrassed to call myself a Canadian!!! WTF is wrong with those people!!!! Just adds more fuel to the fire!!! What a bunch of &#$HOLES!!!!!


Hey NUT, if you are ashamed to call yourself a Canadian, then move…..say to a country that represses freedom of speech. Maybe somewhere that you are comfortable living among terrorists. I wonder how the people way down there in Dutton-Dunich would sleep at night if they knew someone with your comments about blood in the streets, making national news, willingness to go to jail, do whatever it takes to stop the turbines, pitchforks, overthrow the government, etc. lived among them. As I have said before, your anti-wind fight is lost. Nobody is listening. You have gone beyond ridiculous with your comments. Your audience is getting smaller and smaller. Your vulgarity and talk of violence is not impressing anyone.


I live in Ontario for nine years. I have only seen Ontario go down. The worst of all is the eroding of democracy by the Liberal government. I will not get a Canadian citizenship. I would not be proud to be Canadian in Ontario either, were the government is destroying the environment with the green energy act, and where people live in energy poverty because of this retarded government. We would sleep better in Dutton Dunwich if this government would restore democracy and would listen to the people. I am glad there are Canadians like Notinduttondunwich who are brave enough to speak their mind.

R Budd

Windbuddy….you have gone beyond ridiculous with your comments.
How do you rationalize the pathetic performance of your wind fleet during recent high electricity demand days, with your apparent enthusiasm? Nuclear has been running this province and keeping emissions below 100g/kwh, while wind sputters and wobbles between producing and consuming electricity.
Re. nobody is listening….you seem remarkably tone deaf. How about recent articles in papers relating On.s wind turbines to energy poverty, bird/bat deaths, rapidly dropping public opinion and now pathetic performance during times of greatest need?
The only wind advocates in On. now are increasingly reluctant Wynne cabinet ministers and faceless gnomes like yourself who chose to hide their identity.


Hey there TURDBINEBUDDY…. I already live in a county that represses free speech AND democratic votes as well!! I already live with terrorists as well…. environmental terrorists!!! They are slowly putting up negative life footprint IWT projects and convincing suckers like you that they’re green ($$$$$$)!!! Meanwhile the GEA is destroying more than it will ever save!!!
Turdbinebuddy you probably had to stay after school alot I bet!!! Doooh! !!!
People around here sleep just fine thanks… we lookout for each other out here!!! Since IWT create sleep deprivation I plan to spend more and more time educating myself with what is happening… instead of sleeping…
And when did I say I wanted to overthrow the government! !!!???? Are you crazy!!! Not fer me Turdbinebuddy!!! Just want them to go away like you!!!! so we can get back to bragging about our families…. crops…. hunting and fishing!!!!
if you think the audience is getting small why don’t you come on down to Dutton Dunwich with a double sided sign that reads
Wear that around the streets of Dutton Dunwich and see how you make out!!! Lmao!!!
GO and stand at the end of the driveway of a house with a “STOP WINDTURBINES” sign out front…. see if they ignore you!!! Lol bring one of them there airhorns with ya so you can get everyone’s attention!!!
Again you think wind is king cause your on the liberal tit milking it!!!! Wait till they kill the FIT programs cause their bankrupting(ed)the province… then all you leaseholders are gonna get the going rate 2.1 kwh!!! IESO cancelled 4 already!!! More to come!!!


Go away turbine buddy. You have been a provoking idiot. Quit harassing.
I guess we should not even think about defending ourselves when being attacked in Ontario. We have become a communist province under the Liberal rule. I hope you’re good with that people of Toronto and Ontario teachers. You’ve gotten exactly what you voted for…”suckers”, and you don’t even know what that is yet.
The actions of our Liberal government embarrasses me. I am ashamed to be associated with Liberal Ontario.
I’m with ya Dutton Dunwhich. Now get lost wind buddy. Grow some balls, come hang out where the turbines are and see how you make out there…instead of throwing stones from afar.
Ontario is in big trouble and I can’t wait to see it go down; any new beginning is better then where we’re at.
Let’s not forget, Dalton McGuinty..the leader of our province that ran away. Wynne is just a puppet. She does what she’s told. Trudeau is even a bigger fool then Wynne. She’s got more stones then he does..and who’s running our country? Good grief Charlie Brown.

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