MOECC’s Chappell to appear before West Grey Council

Ontario public servant and MOECC manager Rick Chappell (4th from left) at a meeting in December: adverse health effects are “a matter of opinion.” The MOECC mandate is to protect the environment and human health. [Photo: Wind Concerns Ontario]

District Manager for Owen Sound Rick Chappell (and apparent designated point person for issues on complaints and compliance) will appear before Council for the Municipality of West Grey, on Monday, March 5.

The Council meeting begins at 10 a.m. but  we have learned Mr. Chappell’s presentation is scheduled for 1:15 p.m.

The West Grey invitation is the latest in a series of Ontario municipal council invitations to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, asking for an explanation to hundreds — thousands — of unresolved complaints about wind turbine noise.

Mr. Chappell previously appeared before Council in Kincardine. A video record of his appearance, in which he states that the MOECC’s position is that infrasound has no effect on health, is here.(Start at minute 12)

Mr. Chappell has also stated that he understands “annoyance” is a result of exposure to wind turbine noise emissions, but he commented that the annoyance was like hearing barking dogs, and not related to serious adverse health effects. He is not correct: the World Health Organization and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency both acknowledge “annoyance” as a medical term denoting stress or distress, which can in turn result in adverse health impacts.

Rick Chappell also appeared recently before the Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group. Following his presentation, representatives of the Working Group wrote to Chappell and stated that in their view, the MOECC was misleading the public. See a report on that meeting and read the letter here.

“Your presentation was disappointing. It appeared to be designed to mislead the public into thinking there are no health problems. You presented a rosy picture of a government that is busy working  on our behalf. But our experience shows that it is not.

You admitted at the meeting that you are aware that some people living near wind turbines are getting sick. You agree that IWTs cause annoyance and that leads to health issues. It is time to accept this and move forward— to protect the public so that they are not adversely impacted.”

In recent appearances, Mr. Chappell described the current situation in Ontario in which few wind power projects actually have completed a full I-emission audit which is needed to check compliance with the noise regulations; when there are noise complaints, he said, the response would be to check against an audit, but if there isn’t one, the MOECC simply requests that the power developer/operator complete the audit. (Any resemblance to a hamster wheel for Ontario residents living next to wind turbines is completely by design.)

Citizens from West Grey will be able to attend the meeting next week and observe. The Council meeting is also televised here.

Wind Concerns Ontario received information from the MOECC in 2017 on reports of excessive noise and vibration and learned that of the thousands of complaints received, more than half (54%) received no response at all from Ministry staff; a further 31% were noted as “planned” and 14% were “deferred” but only 1% were noted as a priority. The Ministry does not publicly report on “Spills” or complaints regarding wind turbine environmental noise.


Stan Thayer

As a Power Worker I have a signed contract with the people of Canada.
We can and will keep the lights on as our website boasts. We do have the bragging rights!
What does the MOECC have to brag about!
I would thank someone to list the taxpayer tit sucking employees that ignore the harm being done to people who cannot defend themselves and list it on all social media sites for all to see forever.
Stan the power man

P. Coulter

Beyond a reasonable doubt, windmills, (a major component of the Lieberals “Green Energy” policies) is nothing short of criminal activity. A legalized extortion racket. They have betrayed Ontarians, ushering in the highest (and totally unnecessary) electricity rates all North America. Dalton McGuilty, then Wynne; Fourteen years of venality and corruption.


If anyone still thinks that reporting harm to the MOECC will lead to protection from harm, think again!
No wonder people give up. The disillusionment and frustration becomes too much to cope with. People are told that if they stop reporting to the SPILL hotline, the MOECC will assume there’s no problem, but even if they do report the harm, they’re not effectively protected from further harm.

Wind Concerns Ontario

You are 100% guaranteed nothing will be done if you stop filing reports. At this point, one needs to think ahead to a day when there may be a new Minister of Environment, who will need to be informed. No reports= no problem. It is irresponsible to advise others to stop filing reports.


At the same time, get the hell out if you find yourself affected by wind turbines. I’m likening it to staying in an abusive relationship, and nobody would encourage a person stay and file reports on it.

You don’t deserve torture, nor do you owe anyone your wellbeing and happiness. Government bureaucrats will keep filing reports and puttering around… for years. This is your life. Every day matters. A lot more than every report filed away to the MOE.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.”
― Henry Ford


From the research sited above:
on infrasound radiation in homes near industrial wind turbines, these are the words taken from the conclusion: “Noise regulations and guidelines need urgent updating in order to appropriately reflect ILFN levels that are dangerous to human health.”
We already knew about this from the Waubra Foundation because some people did the research and discovered that it confirmed what residents were directly experiencing here in rural Ontario and reporting to all who are responsible.
With the MOECC policy makers refusing to urgently update their siting policies in light of ILFN levels, and with the MOH at a federal level refusing to measure for ILFN levels in peoples’ homes or on their properties, what on earth can we do here in Ontario?


The Comments section also has some discussion about Baden-Wuerttenberg, Germany regarding “noise”/ sound study.




As long as people keep shooting themselves in the foot, not much can be done?

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