Nation residents meet to fight wind power projects

"Save The Nation" banner says it all [Photo: Wind Concerns Ontario]
“Save The Nation” banner says it all [Photo: Wind Concerns Ontario]
More than 500 residents of the municipality of Nation, about 45 minutes east of Ottawa, met on Wednesday night to learn more, and discuss action on two wind power proposals for their community: a 150-megawatt project by EDF, and a 75-MW project by Leader Resources.

Among the speakers was Carmen Krogh, known internationally for her research on the impacts of wind turbine noise emissions on human health. A particular concern for Krogh, she expressed that evening, is the effect of the wind turbine emissions on children. Despite clear guidance from the World Health Organization and other bodies in public health about exposing children to possible harm, Ontario has proceeded to build wind power projects in communities close to homes.

Other speakers detailed the environmental impacts of the proposed wind turbine arrays, and commented on the degree of impact on the community for very little benefit.

Organizer Julie Leroux commented that the public was left out of a decision by council to support wind power; after signing an agreement to be an unwilling host as a member of the United Counties of Prescott-Russell, Nation then approved a motion of support for a wind power project by Sierra Nevada, in 2013. Nation’s mayor has gone on record in the agricultural media as saying he supported the current EDF proposal, and that Nation is a “willing host.”

We are not, said Leroux.

The community group Save The Nation requested time to make a presentation to Council but was not scheduled to do so now until August 31st; the deadline for wind power proposals under the new process is September 1st, the next day.

Questions and comments afterward were a clear demonstration not only that the community is already well informed on this issue, they are passionate about protecting their way of life, the social fabric of Nation, and the agricultural economic base.

“This will destroy the Nation, if it happens,” said one gentleman.

Another, who had travelled to Wolfe Island to see turbines to educate himself (Note: a better trip would be to Brinston, south of Ottawa, where EDP is operating 3-MW turbines in the South Branch power project), said he was shocked at the environmental impact of the wind power machines. “The foundations for these things are huge,” he said, “and they will never go away.”

If the wind power projects are approved said one young farmer, who said he was speaking for others in his demographic of 20s and 30s, it will destroy the local economy and way of life in Nation. “We’re leaving,” he said simply.

Organizers for the event and members of Save The Nation  said that no members of Nation council attended the meeting as far as they knew but MPP Grant Crack’s executive assistant was there.

Breaking News: Wind Concerns Ontario has learned that Nation Council will be discussing the community reaction to the wind power proposals on Monday, August 10.



Grant Crack is a Liberal MPP and is very much in favor of wind turbines.You need to get rid of him and the Mayor . The 500 people who attended this meeting need to harrass the hell out of them untill they quit – it can be done .


I agree with your tactic to identify key players in Municipalities who are saying “yes” to this malignancy. Elected and paid’leaders’ who invite this kind of destruction are the ones we need to get rid of.
This is what should have happened in all of the communities where wind companies were encouraged.
Elected and paid rural Municipal leaders have a mandate to protect all of the citizens in their communities…not just a few. They need to network and organize themselves to go to Queen’s Park and ‘push back’ on this agenda to make rural communities uninhabitable and drastically reduce the quality of life for rural residents whose homes are near or surrounded by turbines and their substation, forcing the evacuation and migration to cities/’human settlements’.
Individually Municipal ‘leaders’ afraid of losing their job. Collectively, if they all lost their job for pushing back and protecting the residents of their communities, this story would finally hit the headlines.
What on earth are they waiting for?

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