New documentary is a scathing review of “renewables”

Damage, not help for the environment—and plenty of money to be made, says new Michael Moore/Jeff Gibbs documentary


April 24, 2020

Just in time for Earth Day, doc filmmaker Michael Moore released his newest film, directed by and starring environment writer Jeff Gibbs, “Planet of the Humans.”

The film is a scathing indictment of how huge corporations adapted the public desire to have “green” sources of power and used it to make billions, while excoriating the environment through development.

See the video here; Moore made it available for 30 days for free, but the forces behind the renewables money grab are actively working to have the film taken down.

So, don’t delay





This documentary exposes what CBC and other media in Ontario has refused to expose.
Why are people in Ontario so complacent about this deception by omission?


How do the citizens of Ontario feel about their pension funds being invested in this deception/ fraud?

Wind Concerns Ontario

Now the CPPIB and OMERS are listed as potential buyers for a $250M Australian wind power project

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