New Ontario Cabinet promising for change

Demonstration at Mount Tabor in Prince Edward County: now, a government fully aware of wind turbine issues

June 22, 2019

As everyone in Ontario knows by now, the Ford government shuffled its Cabinet this week.

Key changes for Wind Concerns Ontario community group coalition and individual members are the following appointments:

Environment, Conservation and Parks: Jeff Yurek

Energy: Greg Rickford

Energy, Associate Minister, Bill Walker

Former Environment minister Phillips is now in the Finance Chair, and he knows from working with us that wind power does not bring any bonanza to Ontario’s economy; similarly, former Finance minister Vic Fedeli, now responsible for the critical Economic Development file, knows that too, and he also knows the promise of thousands of wind power jobs is false.

The fact is, we have moved in Ontario from having a (Liberal) government in which NO MPPs had wind turbines in their riding (one almost did, Grant Crack/Eastern Fields project) to a government in which 14 MPPs have active wind power projects, and several others were supportive of community fights against proposed projects.

New environment minister Yurek has been very involved with his community and wind turbines, and associate energy minister Walker stood up while in Opposition many times, describing the problems with wind turbines and demanding a return of local land-use planning. “No means No,” he told Premier Kathleen Wynne in the Legislature in 2013.

We are heartened by the comments made to us at our recent Queen’s Park event, and by the promise of these new appointments, going forward.




The evidence of these changes being positive will be seen when residents whose homes have been surrounded by turbines will be completely protected from noise, low frequency noise and infrasound radiation. The harm must stop. These politicians must listen to what Dr. Mariana Alves-Pereira, expert in LFN and infrasound has to say about the harm to the neurological system and to the vestibular system..harm that is both cumulative and irreversible.

Wind Concerns Ontario

The environment minister asked for people to provide information which includes filing reports of excessive noise/vibration/sensation, water well disturbance and shadow flicker/strobe effect.

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