New wind farm applications start March 3, IESO announces

Independent Electricity System Operator

February 6, 2015, 4 PM

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) wishes to thank all those who submitted feedback on the draft Large Renewable Procurement Request for Proposals (draft LRP I RFP) and draft Contract (draft LRP I Contract) during the feedback period. In order to review and consider feedback received from stakeholders, the IESO is extending the posting date of the final LRP documents to March 3, 2015.

While the LRP I RFP and LRP I Contract are being finalized, the IESO has released an update document to provide Qualified Applicants and interested stakeholders with more information on some of the changes that are expected to be incorporated into the final LRP documents. The update document also outlines a new process for Qualified Applicants that will be used to provide supplementary information on connection availability for certain network Circuits identified in the Circuit TAT Table. The update document is available on the LRP web page.

Please also note that from this date forward, all new information on the LRP will be posted to the new LRP pages on the IESO website. All previously posted information and material on the LRP continues to be available on the legacy LRP pages. This legacy material will be migrated to the new LRP pages soon.

Any questions on the changes to the LRP documents or the screening process should be sent to



PLANT, March 25, 2014

‘Banking on hydrogen’

Hydrogenics Corp.,Mississauga has a technology that converts surplus energy from renewables into hydrogen that is stored in existing natural gas storage infrastructure in mass quantity.

In April 2012 Enbridge invested $5M to acquire a 13% stake in Hydrogenics.

Ontario has pilot project with this company.

It’s very unlikely that Ontario renewable energy projects will end.


Alberta Oil Magazine, March 19, 2014

‘Hydrogenics converts electricity from wind farms into small volumes of hydrgen’

Hydrogenics, Mississauga, is piloting technology that converts electricity from wind farms into small volumes of hydrogen.

Article explains how this works.


The Globe And Mail, Aug.3, 2014

‘Ontario seeks wind and solar energy storage options’

IESO, 5 contracts with total value of $42 M.
Hydrogenics Corp.
Hecate Energy, battery
Canadian Solar Solutions, battery
Convergent Energy and Power Inc., flywheel
Dimplex North America Ltd., heat storage

NStor Inc. already has a contract to build a flywheel energy storage system for IESO.



Hydrogenics Corp.
Annual Information Form, December 31, 2013
Filed March 7, 2014

Enbridge. In April 2012, we entered into a joint agreement with Enbridge, the owner and operator of Canada’s largest natural gas distribution company, various North American midstream gas assets, and a leader in clean energy solutions to jointly develop utility scale energy storage in North America.”

“In 2013 Hydrogenics Corporation entered into a loan agreement with the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Strategic Jobs and Investment Fund for up to CA $6.0 million. During the year the Corporation drew down CA $1.9 million …”


Hecate Energy, Nashville

Leadership Team includes:
David C. Wilhelm, Chief Strategy Officer

Wilhelm managed the campaigns of Clinton and Biden.

Served as Chair. of the Democratic National Committee, appointed 1992 by Clinton.

An “American” Mike Crawley?


Power Engineering, Oct. 21, 2014

‘Poised for growth’
Scroll down to:

“Convergent Energy + Power is an integrated asset developer that provides project-specific planning and execution of energy storage solutions. The New York City-based company does not design or manufacture technology. Rather, it teams with utilities and large end-users to manage projects from the beginning stage of evaluating client needs, on through to contracting, financing and site design; and finally to engineering, technology, procurement, and contractors; following project completion, the company also operates and maintains these assets to provide a full, reliable solution at little-to-no risk to the customer.”

Uses technology already available and was awarded an IESO 12 MW contract.


Energy Storage Ontario, Founded 2012

Is a non-profit membership-based organization that was founded as a sub-board of the Corporate Partners Committee under the Smart Grid Forum

Also see: Our membership and Board.

IESO Smart Grid Forum


Dimplex North America part of the GlenDimplex Group, Dublin, Ireland and is privately held.

European Association for Storage of Energy/EASE
Members include:

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